Am I entitled to my ex-husband’s redundancy payment?

December 16, 2011

My husband and I are seperated and I have applied for a divorce, we have a 10 year old daughter. He has just ‘lost’ his job. I’m not sure if this is really due to his employer losing the contract or whether he has taken voluntary redundancy. This has happened a number of times in the past and he’s always been ‘tupe transferred’ with the contract before. He warned me a month or so ago that it might happen but has said nothing more, it was my little girl who told me.

He is 58 and has never been without a job before, he’s always done something, even if it’s just mini cabbing. He told my daughter that he’s doing a bit of ‘this and that’ but no details and he has a dancing business which it has proven impossible to discover his true income due to it being a cash business ( I have a horrible feeling that he will suddenly announce that he is now unable to pay me maintenance for our daughter and I will be left in a very awkward financial position indeed. Am I entitled to any of the redundancy payment and is there any way to find out if he took voluntary redundancy or not as this will affect the terms of the divorce?

I do not want to be vindictive but he only gives me the absolute minimum and if this stops, I feel that if I am entitled to any of this payment, this should be sought. Your help and advice would be much appreciated. Stephanie Peazold


  • bob says:

    No you are not entitled to redundancy.

    Can I just ask… You are using your daughter as a spy and informer to look into your ex’s situation. If you are struggling for money why not do what others have to and go out and find a job or if you have a job take on more hours?

    So what if he has a cash business, you say he has always worked and going from your post its quite apparent he has always made payments. Stop using your daughter as a pawn in your own schemes! That makes for a bad parent

  • joanne says:

    It would be your daughter that’s entitled to the money….and poor child, you shouldn’t be listening to a 10 year old or putting her in that position of finding out about your exs financial affairs….if you are struggling then tell your ex yourself, don’t get the little girl liasing in matters like this, its not fair as she is too young to understand.

  • terry norris says:

    cheeky cow
    why the hell should you be entitled to his redundancy…go get another job..and soo bloody what if you you have to work harder…have some self respect and stop using your daugter as Pawn..or money cow as I call it

  • Hayley says:

    Unfortunatly you are not entitled to any redundancy payments.

    I do NOT agree with the above comments and would like to ask them, have they ever brought any children up on there own?
    Personally i have two children i support, and YES i do work. However a child has a dad and ultimately he should contribut to HIS childs upbringing also?
    Or do you believe it is right to have children and not support them after the age of ten?

    A ten year old picks things up and often over hears comments etc, i do not believe for one moment this lady is using her child mearly listening and panicking about her child, being able to afford to pay the house for her room, or the school dinners, uniform, clubs, maybe childcare if she works?

    I would ask re money-if he is not forthcoming i would speak to csa and advise your solicitor accordingly. Proof may have to be supplied re terms of his contract and why they ended. If he isnt working he should be making a contribution from his benefit as all absent parents (either female or male) should be contributing to there child dependant on there income (working or benefits)

  • joanne says:

    Yes I have two children on my own with no help from their father, and wouldnt dream of finding out info on my ex, that’s my business not theirs!

  • janet says:

    Terry norris gives his opinion on here quite often and comes accross as a dead beat dad

  • Michael says:

    All you women do is bleat on about how hard done you feel. This guy has always paid for his child as stephanie states and im sure this would be through the csa so as she puts it (the bare minimum) 20% of a guys salary every week or month is hardly bare minimum what do people expect 50%. Go get a job

  • Peter says:

    Supperb answers, glad not to be the only father wondering why everything is stacked against him… Well doneJoanne and Tony 🙂

  • mary says:

    I am seperated for 4 years, my husband is not paying child maintanence as he has decided to take a redundancy lump sum, therefore he is not earning a wage are my children entitled to any monies?
    background; I was the breadwinner for many years, but due to the effects of my husbands alcoholism and abusive behaviour, and looking after a sick child, i had a breakdown and lost my job, then he left { as i was no longer the cash cow}. yes shit happens..but legally whats the score?

  • Olga says:

    I disagree with some of the things that had been wrote. I was married for thirty odd years, he went off cheated on me for ten years or so in all that time he drank got very violent verbal abuse was cruel mean and very selfish, I brought up our four children worked but because of all what went on I had some kind of breakdown, spend 17 months in hospital because off his narcisstic ways, so you think that the wife who devoted all those years, should not get any redundany, pensions, or other assets that I know he has, taken my money while in hospital left me nothing while he is having a better life.

  • paul says:

    you cheeky cow he has prob worked hard for that money i took voluntry redundacny and my ex aint getting a penny she can work for her money not scrounge of me

  • John says:

    I have paid every month for my children – 350 quid for the last nine years whilst my ex lords it up in a 300 grand house with her new family. If there was any hint of her getting her hands on my hard earned redundancy payment i would spunk it all on the 3:30 dead beat ‘NAG’ at haydock park! It galls me that these women have the audacity to make some misguided claim and now the government increase the time we have to pay to 20yrs old!!! Its a screwed up system that needs much more thought given to individual needs and circumstances that might allow some degree of fairness on both sides!!

  • Amy says:

    I think all you who are slaggin this women off and calling her a “COW” are DISGUSTING. It takes two ppl to make a child and why the hell shoudnt the man pay. I would def enquire about the redundancy, i am going through a similar situation miself and have been advised by my solicitor that we are going for a lump sum of his money to support his child while he is not working! Most women who have children do work, but tell me this to all you people above who are quick to judge others, it is hard for women when their husbands leave and never cum to see their child again, its hard to find a job in nursery hours and struggle with children on your own when they dont sleep or they are poorly and the rest. Women do not get enough credit “go get a job” wud luv to see the scum who wrote this bring children up by themselves and try juggle a job with no help whatsoever from the father! Everryones situation is different and children are no expensive why the hell should he not pay!

  • Olga says:

    This is for the men who think its there right to have an affair while he cheats and has a good time dinning the mistress buying her things, taking her away, when a wife devotes her life to the man who choose her to be his wife, they have children the man goes to work and provides for his family? But the wife ?who both decided to have children has a great deal more to do not only the house work bringing up the children , being the nurse when the children are ill? Women have also to go out too work? They help they provided for ther family, but when you get a man who just thinks you are here for only him, expecting us to wait on them? What about the other spouse? Men are just selfish. They don’t respect the wife, my husband was a abussive arrogant mean cruel and not to forget the drinking and having his children watching him attack their mother verbally and mentally psychically, our life was hell always
    shouting yelling using the most vile name calling. Kept me and the children in constant fear? You men think its ok to lay a finger on your wife and family? You disgusted me? God did not make man to take A wife and abuse her? He wanted them to show love, caring, making each other happy! Supporting each other be there for each other, make his wife feel that she was safe and his children in a secure home? The trouble with most men they feel threaten by there partners? While the man uses his power to control and manipulate his love ones? Why … i see a great deal of women who have been throught the domestic horror? Caused by the person temper there drinking, the showing us that we are worthless? I know that this also applies for women abusing men? But don’t forget? That a man has much more strength, he can easily kill his spouse in a drunken rage or just because off his
    jealous or his temper which we all have to learn to control. We all have choices? Usually the children are affected in what they have seen? They find it difficult to trust men, they even end up in that kind of relasthionship? some men just can’t show there feelings, tell the wife if there is something wrong? Worrying about things but won’t tell you why? Drawing away from you, making you feel inferior off them, communication is the key to making it work? But again they will make excuses, saying you are nagging, you don’t understand me? Well then they will blame you and of course they might meet another woman while working or going out? Then it’s my wife does not do this, does not understand me? She is not a good wife, she does not make me happy? I have heard it all? I was married to him for over thirty years, and I found out he was cheating on me since our son was 13? This is to the man Paul who thinks women or cheeky cows? I could call you more? But I am a lady? I put in all these years, gave him help stood by him showed him love? Cherished him did his washing when he came back home after he had been with his mistress? Women get the raw end of all this? They deserve to have a better life? He took everything I nearly lost my children, my roof over my head, But he did not want the responseibity and just did not care where I would live or his son? Because she wanted everything? So don’t you dare say that we should not have the pensions, assets, bonds, are anything that we have earned? You try living that kind of life? See how you cope?

  • Shaun says:

    I have just taken redundancy and I am glad that she will not get any of it. I have paid £700 a month for the last two years after she had an affair asked me to leave to give her time and space and moved the new fella in 20 minutes after I left with our three girls!!!
    In the last two years I have had to find somewhere to live and deal with the bad debts I was left with as I was the money earner. How fair can it be that I have to pay the loans for the kitchen and bathroom in a house that I no longer live in, and that the new boyfriend sees my girls more than I do? This money will help me change my career as I can study for a few years, which will mean no earnings, but the long term prospect for me and my girls will be better and that’s what’s important to me.

  • Dan says:

    I’m a father who doesn’t get to see his son because his mother is a selfish woman who doesn’t want to share him. She says she doesn’t think of me as his dad but then she’s happy to take maintenance payments from me every month. Although she doesn’t let me be a father to our son, I’m doing wag I can by helping support him. Then there’s women like you that use the child as a pawn in a power game. Go and get a job, she is your responsibility too.

  • Talli Mcallister says:

    Hi all,

    Going off track here now, but any guidance in the right direction, i.e to links that confirm answers would be appreciated.

    My Husband started paying CSA to his ex wife in 2011. He will shortly be made redundant from the Army, and will become a stay at home Dad to our baby (which is on the way) when I go back to work full time. He will therfore not be earning any monies, and I will earn around £1,900 a month. Will we still need to pay CSA for his children with his ex wife (who incidently he doesn’t see and has a hearing date at the end of the month for an acces order).
    My understanding is that as this is post 2003 my earning will not be taken into account, and as my husband will not be earning there will be no CSA to pay.

    My husband will also get a redundancy payment of around £60,000 – would this need to be paid as CSA? Please don’t get us wrong, we are more than willing to pay towards his children’s upbringing, we just need to know what we will be paying so we can plan financially.


  • Lisa says:

    @ Talli if your working and your husband isn’t earning usually that would mean nil assessment, on CS2 they don’t take your earnings into account at all, and im almost sure they cannot touch his redundancy pay either, make sure you do it all in writing, then the CSA cannot say they haven’t got it, Join this group for more advice and guidance

  • Sally says:

    Hi Talli – I would suggest you get in contact with citizens advice bureau as I believe his ex/the child are entitled to a % if the redundancy payment is NOT statutory pension i.e. if it’s company pension and/or if it’s over £XXX thousand pounds.

    But to save any hassle or worry, I would suggest you make an appointment with one of the solicitors at your local citizens advice bureau as they will keep you right…

    I would NOT contact the CSA if I were you as the staff will willingly lie to you and cause nothing but upset in your life…. they are useless and just interested in money and meeting their targets so that they can get their bonus….

    If you recieve a response from ‘Alice’ – ignore it, she works for the CSA and provides ‘selective’ advice that will promote the use of the CSA!!

    Good luck!

  • Ian hand says:

    I have paid for my son for the past 14 years through the csa. Never missed a payment. His mum left when I was at work without any warning and took my son. She claims every benefit known to man and works 16 hours per week to enable her to keep claiming. My wages lasts almost til the end of the month. I cannot claim any benefits or get any support. My son and his mum enjoy the full sky package and not a small amount of designer clothing. My point is why do alot of women seem to think that the father should be financially ruined just so they can live a comfortable life. Bringing up a child is not easy I agree, but I give my ex more money each month than I have to live on. We have now been informed by the departing csa that we need to come to a financial agreement between us. Why do I get the feeling this is going to cost me more. The CSA has ruined many lives, driven men to suicide and only caused bad feeling when they get involved. So heavily weighted against the ‘absent father’. Sickens me when I see women taking everything they can just to punish their ex. I’ve had my son used as a tool to get at me. ‘If you don’t pay you won’t see him’ is not unusual. Over £30,000 has gone to my ex from me in csa payments . Plus the £20,000 secured loan on my property that helped clear all her debts just before she left. Duped?? I think so.

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