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The system stinks and the family justice system is corrupt

Devoiced in 2007 because wife had an affair with a inmate while working in a prison, two children which I was told had to go with their mother even though at 3 & 5 they wanted to come with me, they and I were not given any choice.

Ex agreed reduced maintenance in so she did not have to pay back debt she had run up, she then went to CSA who do not take credit card debt into account, so I paid full maintenance and still had to clear her debt.

Had a 7year battle with HMRC working tax credits because the mother said I was receiving part of the payments after we had devoiced and separated. 3years and two tribunals later I pay £190/month because at both contact court hearing the court would not let me have the children over 100 nights.
I provide the only respite for the children and still she re-interprets the court orders so the children do not know where they stand, to me that’s mental and emotional abuse but of cause no one see it that way.

I am excluded from The boys health and education by the mother.

I have just had a demand from the CSA that almost doubles my maintenance payments. I can not afford the fuel to go to work if they enforce this rate of payment. I only live for the time I spend with my children, but now its all over I will have to stop working, try and find lodgings and exist somehow with out my children. the mother earns twice as much as me, plus what her husband brings in. but its all about the mother nothing for the children or the father.

As a UK tax paying working citizen I think the system stinks, and the family Justice system is corrupt.

10 thoughts on “The system stinks and the family justice system is corrupt

  1. Ruta Bute on May 14th, 2014 9:33 am
    I am sure there are two sides to this story……lol….read what mike said Ruta.

    The man hater strikes again. Michael, you won’t get any sympathy from ruta.
    Most of us on here sympathise with you and it’s a well known fact that the CSA don’t give a shit about anything let alone you or the kids. And it ALWAYS listens to the pwc. Remember YOU are not the hand that feeds this bottom dwelling pond life. The pwc does, so it’s in their interest to do and listen to whatever the pwc says.
    Keep your chin up mate.

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