CSA got involved before court order was a year and a day old

November 23, 2011

On 3rd august 1998 my husband’s ex wife contacted the csa. Only on the 4th august 1998 she signed with my husband a court order regarding maintenance payments. The same court order was stamped at court on 12th august 1998 but the csa still got involved and made our lives hell until 2001 when his ex wife pulled away from them. In the said court order my husband agreed to pay monies until the children reached 17 yrs or ceased full time secondary education which ever came the later. So last october 2010 he stopped paying for one child and in december 2010 was made redundant.

Unfortunately the ex wife went back to csa but as soon as they saw the court order backed away until the ex wife goes back to court. Only this weekend we received a letter from her solicitor saying my husband owed 7,000 in arrears according to csa.

We have had nothing from them confirming this at all and if we dont pay he can go to prision. Also because he has a court order he has to pay maintenance even thou he is redundant.

Can anyone help?


  • joanne says:

    we are going through the same thing, got a shock last week to say my partner owes 10,000 to a woman he divorced 22 years ago, had a court order with regards to the children and transfer of the marital home which they had filed away, until a man at the complaints department queried it. His court order though goes back even before csa were introduced, so a case shouldnt even have existed, which my partner didn’t think existed as he has had no involvement with the csa with regards to ex wife. Also what is shocking is that the case closed when his daughter left home at 16 and had a baby a 18 with her boyfriend yet her mother obviously still claiming child benefit for her, which benefit fraud are looking into. My advice, go to your mp, complain in writing with copies of any paperwork and monies paid etc, and send it recorded. Its not fair and hate how this organisation operate and say they are acting within the law, when clearly they are not. Good luck.

  • eddie says:

    The amount you will pay will change if your partner was made redundant.. If on state benefits it is usually £5 per week taken directly. I have empathy for everyone involved with this abusive agency and am trying to do something (not 100 % sure what yet) I would like info on as many cases as possible and to try to arrange groups a petition and a demonstration. If you are interested contact me at [email protected]….. There is support out there and you are not alone but we all need to stand together on this one..

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