How to beat CSA’s fraudulent arrears!

November 2, 2018

IMPORTANT – CSA ARREARS – Csa are currently transferring all their fictitious arrears to Cms for collection. Csa is being closed down due to false accounting, the big factor being that they were inventing arrears on father’s accounts, and as many are now experiencing, they failed to close accounts properly on their computers. There have been thousands of cases like this, so you are not alone. Csa spent years inventing billions of pounds of fictitious arrears on father’s accounts and now they are trying to collect. Even if you have a case closure letter from Csa which confirm that there were no arrears outstanding, you are still liable to receive letters from Csa or Cms demanding payment of arrears. You need send a copy of the case closure letter and state that as there are no arrears on your account when your case was closed, then these arrears have been invented by Csa and that there demand for payment is a fraudulent one and and any attempt to take this money will be treated as theft. Demand that they send an immediate letter of apology for harassing and threatening you and that you confirm that there are no arrears outstanding. If they believe that there are, then they need to supply a full account audit, all transactions, full details of all assessment calculations and proof of any arrears within 14 days. Send this headed Formal Complaint to [email protected] head of Cms with a copy to your MP and the National Audit Office, clearly marked, and get an urgent meeting with your MP. You can add that you are fully aware of the Fictitious Arrears Scandal and that Csa has been closed down due to fraudulent accounting. Confirm your email 14 days later, that as they have been unable to provide any evidence of these arrears, as they were invented by Csa, you confirm that there are no arrears and the matter is now closed. This should also be copied to your MP, NAO and [email protected] For further information read my post Fictitious Arrears. Just type Fictitious Arrears into the Search box on here.

Be warned, once you receive the arrears letter from Cms, Cms are acting promptly to either do a DEO on your salary, or to seize money from your bank accounts.

So play safe, warn your employer that Cms may attempt to fraudulently take money from your salary. Similarly, move any money in bank accounts to other accounts not in your name, and get a letter off to your bank immediately that you do not accept liability for any money taken from your account without your authorisation or for any overdraft charges incurred and that you hold the bank fully responsible for returning any money taken from your account without your written authorisation.


  • Brian jamson says:

    If this is all true ,why are people not doing anything , im in a mess with the CMS they lie cheat and even lie to the MP ,I have asked for a full case break down and when I sent proof it’s not accept the I’m told my appeal don’t Stand wtf goes on at the CMS truly a law to them selfs

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