CMS sending threatening letters even though CSA confirmed case was closed

November 5, 2016

From 1994 to 2003 the NRP (my husband) paid his ex through the “old scheme” CSA. In 2003 she then closed her case and reapplied 13 weeks later, thus getting him migrated onto the then “new” 20% for two children scheme. The case(s) closed in September 2011. At this point a full account breakdown was completed by a senior manager at the CSA and the NRP was found to have overpaid by about £1600 in total. This was all refunded to him.

Last week he received a letter from the Child Maintenance Service (who we had never heard of, never had any contact with, and who came into being after his case closed). The letter said he owes a few hundred pounds in arrears and they will be arranging enforcement action. It does not give any other information, dates or assessment amounts or anything. We had never heard from them prior to last week (5 years after the closure of the case) regarding these alleged arrears.

I have called the CSA last week, they said it stated clearly on screen that the NRP case had closed in 2011 and that he was in credit. Since that call, just another threatening letter even though I have told them the NRP is terminally ill now. In 2011 the CSA even confirmed to my then MP that the NRP was in credit and would be refunded. I just don’t understand how he can have a case with these people or where these alleged arrears come from. I have contacted my MP and she has been in touch with the CSA but they are still sending letters threatening action.