Ex won’t pay for our daughter

February 24, 2016

My daughters dad is refusing to pay anything for our child as I work and get tax credits but in finding it hard as she now wants to go to clubs ect kids don’t come cheap he works on and off on site not exactly clear what he does but he has a partner who lives with him who works to I’ve tried to come to a agreement mutual with him even just asking for 20 a month to cover football practice but he saying no he does have our daughter every other weekend and she doesn’t go with out but seen as I have her full time I find it hard now she older to do everything please could you help me and see if anyway round this?


  • KR 2901 says:

    As a NRP i am sorry to hear your ex is playing hard ball. I would recommend that you write to him, this gives you proof, that unless he contacts you and comes to a satisfactory arrangement, you will contact the CSA.

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