Agreement with ex but CSA wants more money again

May 27, 2011

I have had a private arrangment with my ex for years. As and when each of my children has reached 18 or left full time education under mutual agreement with my ex, I HAVE STOPPED PAYING FOR THAT CHILD. I have just recieved a letter from the CSA saying I owe them “18,000” The reason for this is that i should have been paying the monthly money to them and not dirctly to my ex. All the time we have had this agreement with the CSA aware of the situation, not once have they told me that i need to pay them.

They are now saying they will tkae me to court for the money. I dont have it and as my circumstances have changed for the worst i cant afford to pay the 350.00 per month they want to clear this money owed. What can i do please help.


  • Peter Anderson says:

    Your case is typical as to what the CSA are doing at the moment. They want this money for themselves.

    They have gone back to old files and decided that you owe all this money because they haven’t updated their computer records.

    You need to detail all the payments you have made directly, I trust that they were by cheque or bank transfer. You then have to establish when did the CSA did first get in contact with you. You will probably find that they will try and say that they contacted you years ago but that you never replied. You need to establish when was that first contact date. To do this, write off for a copy of your file under the data protection act to the CSA in Longbenton and ask for copies of all computer and clerical records. Ask for the computer log to be properly dated and enclose a £10 postal order (not cheque). Quote your NI number. This you need to get thru so that you can see what has actually happened over the years and see if you can see what has been going on.

    Do not phone them, put it in writing that there are no arrears as you were paying the maintenance for your child directly as per agreement with your ex, and that should they continue to threaten you that you will be taking the matter further.
    You also need to get written down what has happened and go see your MP. It is also likely that you will have to take your case to ICE (Independent Case Examiner), Parliamentary Ombudsman (via your MP), and/or a Judicial Review.
    For years they have been making up so-called arrears and telling everyone that they have billions of unpaid child support. Even the auditor general states that their figures are a hopeless mess.

    They have been told by the new Government to collect all this money in and they are just making up huge fictitious arrears and going after people like you to collect it and they will stop at nothing until they have extorted everything you have from you, have cost you your job, your home and have bankrupted you, and having done that they will continue to harass and threaten you.

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    Good luck, you’re going to need it.

  • have a bitter ex says:

    Csahhellhelp on facebook are crap! They wouldn’t let me join because i’m female. Best looking on

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