CSA seeking order of sale on our house

March 8, 2012

My husband was in court at the beginning of February for arrears that we have been trying to sort with the CSA for the last 2 yrs. Nobody ever phones him back we have had to rely on Nacsa and our MP (our MP being useless) Despite us making monthly payments to the CSA because the payments wont cover the debt in 2 yrs they have just bulldosed it through liability order, charging order & as of thursday last week considering order of sale. In court in february the judge told my husband that no court in this land would make us homeless and the CSA rep confirmed this as we have a 2 yr old and a newborn and the charging order was placed on our property. Last week i opened the post to the letter that they are considering order of sale. i rang them as i was hysterical and i was put through to their order of sales department. a nice guy who tried to assure me this was not what they wanted to do but they are there to recover arrears and the fact that we dont have the money to pay means this is the route it is to go down. Depsite what the judge said to you he said, you may have a different judge on the day of the hearing who grants us order of sale !

My step daughter is now 16 and just about to start work, We have a lovely relatioship with her and she her every other weekend now and my husband has always been in her life, he never walked away from her, paid £550.00 per month for years until the stress from the CSA caused depression and in the end he had to leave a well paid, demnading job to go back to his trade as a joiner and become self employed. hence a change of circumstances causing the arrears build up.

We have never said we wont pay, just that we cant pay the amount they want, i am on maternity leave as well at the moment.

My husband and i are devastated that as a family we can be treated this way by the CSA and that basically our babies dont matter. they need a roof over their head and i feel like nobody is out there fightng for us just the pwc who is re-married with other children, her own house etc.

Im sorry if this doesnt make much sense, i dont know how my husband and i have functioned since last week but we have had to for the sake of our children.


  • Cindy Hall says:

    Hi I cannot believe that they can try and make you sell your house because of csa arrears. I do feel really sorry for you all. The CSA are a nightmare. If your anything like us you are only in arrears because the CSA could not get it right in the first instance. None of them can add up all of them create the arrears for CSA payers. When they have caused all this trouble and wreaked havoc. The CSA then have the audacity to start proceedings of this that and the other. I wished with all my heart these nightmare CSA could be stopped once and for all. I for one am sick to the back teeth of em. I also think that the parent that recieves the CSA payment should be made to prove that it is going on what it is intended for. I know for a fact my partners dont it goes on the mothers nightlife and good times. She never done a days work in her life either. What a joke. Many more people must be going through this. No wonder there is so much depression in the world nowadays

  • Caring_father says:

    I really wouldn’t listen to other peoples interpretation of what the CSA can or cannot do legally. Not because it is not right but because the CSA do what they feel is neccessary to get money, legally or not. If you are in any doubt of that, scan this and other websites. They are confident, content and comfortable lying over the phone and even in letters. The reality is: they don’t care about you or your cicumstances and more worrying, no-one else cares, not even your MP.
    What you need is a solution and you wont get that going down the legal road. Believe me, I have tried. Had them blatently lying in letters. I sent away for my file under the data protection act. Everything they denied and argued about was a complete contradition of what was in black and white within my files. No-one cares or bothers.
    Eventually I signed on unemployed. i pay £5 a week. I write them letter asking them to explain certain anomalies, They ignore me because the CSA are a results organisation. The tables have turned- now i pester them.
    I am looking forward to going self employed in the near future. my CSA assessment will be based on real figures, not a previous assessment with arrears backing up.
    I know for sure the CSA’s course of action will change if your husband does go unemployed for a short period and then move on to self-employment. If you are staring into the abyss now, it’s a serious consideration.
    It is horrible that you have to play on the same field as the corrupt CSA but I’ve been through the mill, there is no other way that i found.
    The sooner these people realise that they are the creators of values, morals and principals in society the better for the whole society. If it’s ok for this lot to lie then it must ok for the rest of us.
    This is in no way a post about not finacially caring for your children. IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN, IT’S YOUR RESPONSIBILY TO LOOK AFTER THEM. Wishing you both well. And hope you adopt the values of the CSA, they’ll see you through any hard times.

  • excityboy says:

    I’d get in touch with a local TV station reporter try and get yourself on the news. If your story and arrears are innocent they could be able to help. Government departments and M.P’s could do without the embarrassment these days and it could help others in your situation.

    Worth A Try

  • bri says:

    Why are people not protesting , up in arms and collaborating on a group legal challenge.? I’m sure all together it would certainly make headlines.

    Interesting that we never hear stories on TV news about the poverty caused by the CSA.

    Come on we all can do better than this.

  • Caring_father says:

    excityboy and bri, This CSA lying has been going on for years. Seriously no-one cares. The media all sing from the same hymn sheet. That’s a waste of time. I’ve tried everything legally. Nothing works. The silence in deafening.
    The CSA have a policy of lying to get more than they are entilted to. They don’t care if the money goes for fags, booze, drugs etc… as long as they look cost efficient.
    The only time you will get publicity is when someone sets up a website or column about how to lie to and cheat the CSA using their tactics. It’s sad but true.
    The CSA had a real chance to help single parents and children. Unfortunately, they are making things worse just by their tactics of lying- every action has a reaction. Mine was to sign on unemployed. First time in over 30 years i’ve not worked by the way. Not saying everyone should do it. I’m just saying, when they make it impossible to work and paybills, they leave only one exit route. Everyone has lost.
    Give me an honest CSA with a computer system that doesn’t just go down as I ask a question and i’ll play fair too. Until that day, I’m afraid I can’t make payments because my money is all in cash and my mother took it with her on her trip to pluto. Let’s all hope she returns soon and safe 😉

  • Colin Nutley says:

    I’m in a similar boat.. I was happily married working as an engineer during the day, as a retained fireman the rest of the time. Then one day I got made redundant, so (to cut a very long story short) lost the family home. My wife decided to ship the kids to the north of Scotland and, 15 years later I still don’t know where they are. However, the CSA took out a liability order (I knew nothing of this as I was homeless and living in my car), then took me to court in 2007 for another liability order, this time a further £44,000. All the time I was asking, phoning, emailing, the CSA to ask them how much to pay, then suddenly in 2011, they threw a £65,000 order on my new partners house, and now a £510 a month deduction of earnings.
    So, what the hell do I do? I cant afford the petrol to work and the D.O.E.

  • chall says:

    Hi absolutely devastated,

    Firstly, congratulations on the arrival of your baby.
    It’s such a shame your having to cope with this right now 🙁

    Unfortunately, the fact that there are relevant other children living in the property is not a good enough reason for the agency to preclude an application for an order of sale.

    Could do with some more info. Your more than welcome to private message me on the forum at afairercsaforall OR email your replies directly to me rather than post on here, if you prefer.

    When did the case commence before or after 03/03/03?
    Have the arrears been checked to establish whether they are correct?
    Have the Liability orders that the agency have gained within the allowed time period?
    How much are the arrears?
    Is the house in joint names?
    Is there enough equity in the property if a) only in your OH name or b) your OH is joint owner and entitled to half?
    Have your Data Protection Files been obtained?
    What have NACSA advised?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Terry norris says:

    It is totally and utterly disgusting that these vermin can treat people like this….I for one would 100% be happy to contribute some kind of payment together with others and build a case to fight these bastards in a court fighting for our human rights and right to a quality of life where we could at least live and not have these f**ks raping good honest hardworking NRP’s of insane amounts of money each month and using such mental cruelty to obtain it…..it’s a fucking joke that this scum is supposed to look after the welfare of the child? Total bollocks,they only look after the welfare of the treasury……cunts all of them…let’s get our act together and fight this bottom dwelling pond life

  • Carol says:

    Isn’t it disgusting what the CSA do. LIke you we have been fighting for years because of their fictitous arrears. They are only interested in money and the “parent with care”, 2nd families do not count at all. I find it disgusting that the Courts do not fight them, or the press take them on. The new system is just as corrupt as the old system and still as unfair. OUr MP also involved and don’t have much faith in him either. Like someone else has mentioned are there arrears correct? Wish you all the best

  • absolutely devastated says:

    thank you all for your comments and support

    Chall – As the CSA say we never informed them of a change of circumstances NACSA have verified that the arrears are correct, Even though we have tax returns showing that my husband made a loss when he started self employment they say that as they still had him down as working for his previous employer they have left the £550.00 per month payment running for nearly 3 yrs. We have more than enough equity in our property to cover the arrears (the mortgage is in his name due to he had the house when we met) although since he went self employed i have paid majority of mortgage payments whilst he been trying to get hiself established.

    We have had to open up to our friends and family about what has happened recently and between them they have offered to lend us some money, not all of it but a good part of it. Even though we dont know the accurate figure we are just ready for paying it (the figure changes with every letter from them) We have a liability order for one figure, a charging order for another and last week another letter saying they had made yet another error so it went up again 🙁 My husband had a routine check up at the drs on friday and his blood pressure is high, he has lost weight and with me just having the baby we feel unable to cope with anymore from this agency. I have spoken to the pwc and explained how the CSA have come up with the arrears which she said she understood, i asked her if she would help get the CSA off our back and she basically said no. she would sit tight and wait for the money. Up until this we were on friendly terms with her, she even sent us a card on the birth of our first daughter 2 yrs ago but as soon as she got a sniff of more money…that was it.

    what i am finding hardest of all to cope with is that my children dont matter, i feel so guilty for bringing them in to this and my husband feels like he has let us all down Last week we even spoke of splitting up as we couldnt see any light at the end of the tunnel. The Child stuck in the middle of all this is just about to start her exams and obviously this is having a huge impact on her, so we just want to get it over with. how are they acting in the welfare of the children !!!!!

    anyway, we are now waiting for fairfax to contact us regarding the order of sale & apparently at this stage we can make an offer in full and final settlement and see if its excepted.. i dont know if this is correct because we get told different things from one CSA operative to another.

    I wish i had the money and the fight left in me to help every single person going through this hell with the CSA . i just hope we can save our family from splitting if we ever get this sorted out.

    sorry for waffling, its like therapy coming on here, i will keep you posted.

  • chall says:


    It’s an awful situation 🙁

    Did you notify the agency at the time the change of circumstances happened?


  • Drew says:


    You problems are the same as mine! you are not on your own.

    Im currently at the order of sale stage on my house, infact im in court again tomorrow. there are a few things you can do. firstly when applying for an order of sale, they have to show that every avenue has been explored and you wont pay. Under the CSA guide lines, provided the debt, once agreeed can be paid off within 24 months they and you stick to it they wont get the order of sale. My debt of around £30k came due to the csa failing to reassess in 2004. I refused to pay anything due to being out of work at the time. Since then they have sent three different amounts owed, lied about letters and telephone conversations to the point where ive appointed a solictior. She has been great and slowly we are making ground by reducing the amount owed, but it does take proof, and the csa usually wont look at the case untill they go to court and the judge tells them to.

    Good Luck.. Stick At Them You Will WIn!

  • Nohome says:

    The CSA have been granted an order for sale on my house. It used to be mine soley, until I unfortunately allowed my boyfriend to move in, put him on the mortgage after being pressured by him, so he could get some equity out of it!, then I found out he owed the CSA a lot of money (according to them) and they have now been granted an order for sale. It was a huge mistake on my part to give this selfish man half my house, as soon my daughter and I are to be removed from our home, and have been told we may have to be put in a hostel, so that the CSA can take the money from what is left of the equity, and we shall lose the roof over our heads and a great deal of money as. The courts and the CSA have punished my daughter and I for a debt that isn’t ours!

  • Nohome says:

    All this because I was stupid enough to give him half my house, that he hasn’t put any money into, only taken from it. The CSA now want to take what they say they are owed from his half of the equity, BUT they want to take their court fees and estate agent fees out first, before I am given my pittance of equity i.e. I will be paying toward their fees even though I owe them nothing and have no dealings with them, and being put on the streets, with my daughter, in the process. OH something is badly wrong here don’t you think?!

  • Will says:

    Where do I start
    Assessments of what’s owed is wrong but they wont correct it?
    They have rung me at all hours and days
    Played good cop bad cop with me
    Advised I paid it off with my credit card ( didnt have one at the time )
    Seem to think I have money sat here and can just hand it over ( ive been hand to mouth for years )
    Asked repeatedly to sit down one to one which was always refused, then they claim in a letter i was offered it
    fist they put a charging order on the house and i think good that settles that..pay iy off when i can
    Next it we are going to sell your house
    After going through months of depression i made up my mind you not havin it
    I will burn the place to the ground first
    Then I will find em and kill em
    when everything has been taken off you and you have nothing to live for I really dont have any reason to carry on

  • Ian says:

    I made a mistake years ago over a one night stand and had a child from it who lives miles away who I have never seen, I don’t even know her mother if the truth be know. This obviously nearly broke up my marriage when I came cleam to my wife (i’m not proud of this by the way). The CSA have over assessed me for years even when I was on the dole and they of it they assessed me at £40 per week when I was only recieveing £55 per wek. A judge told them to re-assess it which they never have. Now they are trying to sell my house which I jointly own with my wife who is going to leave me oover all this, it’s gone on for years and I feel suicidal.

  • j says:

    This is the sort of case that drives people to ‘take the law into their own hands’ and barricade the doors, arm themselves to the teeth and hold out until the last. Of course thatthen makes you (we) the ‘criminal’. Still, looking at all the posts on this site I think its going that way, at some point someone will ‘snap’ and then the proverbial ‘fan’ will catch the brown stuff. Instead of an NRP committing suicide or a distraught parent killing their children, someone will attack a politician or a csa worker. At that point the pokiticians will pontificate on how ‘these people’ were obviously ‘disturbed’ and the DWP will brand them as criminals, but behind the scenes you can bet your life these horrid people will be rethinking their policies, they dont like it when it affects them.

  • j says:

    Will on August 2nd, 2012 9:26 pm

    Where do I start
    Assessments of what’s owed is wrong but they wont correct it?
    They have rung me at all hours and days
    Played good cop bad cop with me
    Advised I paid it off with my credit card ( didnt have one at the time )
    Seem to think I have money sat here and can just hand it over ( ive been hand to mouth for years )
    Asked repeatedly to sit down one to one which was always refused, then they claim in a letter i was offered it
    fist they put a charging order on the house and i think good that settles that..pay iy off when i can
    Next it we are going to sell your house
    After going through months of depression i made up my mind you not havin it
    I will burn the place to the ground first
    Then I will find em and kill em
    when everything has been taken off you and you have nothing to live for I really dont have any reason to carry on

    As Robert Zimmerman once said, “when you aint got nothing, you got nothing to lose”

  • Sally says:

    I am absolutely gobsmacked that the CSA can force the sale of a house where a) children are living and b) where the NRP does not own it alone.

    I have bought a house with my partner and his ex has been a complete nightmare about money (nothing more than greed!!), if she thought for one second that she could cause trouble and lie to the CSA (so that they would harass us even more) to force the sale of our house, she would do it.

    I have worked and saved my adult life and it disgusts me that I could have my home taken away through no fault of my own (or my partners as he has paid more than the CSA dictate, faithfully since they split up), but reading these posts, that doesn matter…. 🙁

    My heart goes out to you Nohome and the author of this post…. in fact everyone who has been put in this terrible, terrible position….. please keep us posted and let us know what is happening.

    Sally x

  • Sally says:

    p.s. sorry – but does anyone know if I could be held liable if I owned the house alone (the NRPP) who has absolutely no responsibility for the kids?? Just because I live with my partner??



  • jess says:

    CSA are K**BS they have already done a drive by evaluation on our house and they are planning to sell our house with myself and my husband and 3 kids for a child we know nothing about and we don’t even know who this woman is whos name is different on most of the letters we gt from the CSA so they are going to make myself and 3 kids and 2 dogs homeless, this has caused so much friction between me and my husband i have depression which the CSA are not helping everyone says they cant sell the house from under neither us but they are doing we cant afford a solicitor even though my husband works we just have enough to get food and pay our bills the CSA are a joke

  • PWC says:

    What a lot of whinging! Basically you wouldn’t pay now they’re making u pay. Well done CSA

  • terry scott says:

    All you twats like PWC your the lowest form of parent!!! And the scum hiding behind the CSA.

  • jane says:

    If all you NRP’s paid maintenance for the children YOU conceived, then you would not be in this mess.

    If the CSA have made genuine mistakes then these should be appealed.

    However, the NRP of my children has never paid any maintenance voluntarily. Got a DOE and he left his job, and now job hops to avoid CSA who caught up with him. He left again. Does teaching agency work so it is easy to job hop. Now left again so got a Liability Order – see where that goes.

    He wanted a financial interest in a home I owned as soon as I was pregnant. Nice try and he was against me ever since. Now, after living off his Mother for 30 years rent free has inherited a £900k house with his siblings but is still disputing the Will and wants more than his share! He has blocked probate. Greedy b*****D. But hopefully it will be granted and £20k arrears will then be taken as a lump sum. But then, there is the next 9 years of £600 pcm to collect … what a man : refuses to pay for his children; should be put in prison to rot.

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