It shouldn’t have to be this complicated

September 8, 2013

I was with the CSA for about four years and decided to close my case with them, but two years later my ex partner let it slip that he had had a few promotions since our lasy CSA calculations were made, and so I asked him to pay a little more. he refused, so I got the CSA involved again.

I have never been so utterly confused about something that I consider to be quite simple, it should be a case of “This is the amount you will receive for your child and this is when you shall receive it” and that be it. But it has been anything but simple.

I have had several letters from them with different calculations on, I have a letter every month telling me when the money will be going in my bank and it is always late (the latest was 10 days) they have decided to take chunks of money off of monthy payments and put it in arrears quite randomly, even though I have not had letters telling me they had planned to do this and to top it all off, whenever I have spoke to them on the phone, nobody seems to have a clue about what is going on.

I find the whole thing quite bizarre and I am currently waiting for money which is now three days late. My son just started his new year at school and I have had to break myself to pay for new uniform, P.E kits, bag, shoes and so on. I really needed that money on time. I have asked them about this and why they’re allowed to just hold on to money and the man I spoke to just said “we can and we have” LOL what?