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How do I know if my child is in full time education?

CSA payments for my child should have ceased in September of this year as this is when his child benefit should have stopped. I contacted the CSA to let them know about this because contrary to belief they do not stop your CSA payments unless your ex partner informs them of this.

Anyway back to my story. After about a six week wait i received a letter from the CSA that my child had started college then left and has gone back to school so i will have to keep on paying until he has left full time education or until his nineteenth birthday whichever comes first.

Now the problem is that i am unfortunately not in contact with him as my ex partner moved away quite a few years ago not leaving a forwarding address.

I would be very grateful if anyone could give me some advice as to whether the CSA would get any proof of education as she has been in trouble for Benefit fraud before and any ideas of how i can find out when he leaves.

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi,

    Sadly, this is a common problem 🙁

    It’s not unusual that the agency just ask the person with care.

    However, they can enquire directly with child benefit. They can also approach an education provider.

    You will need to ask them where they have sort confirmation from. If its been from your ex, ask them to make further checks.

    You may find further help in the forum at

  2. You wont know …the CSA will keep taking ..they say their only concern is that the pwc is claiming Ch/ben.If she’s claiming you have to keep paying it’s their legislation/law and they won’t look into it.They told us that’s the only criteria they look at !They don’t care is she’s claiming fraudulently because it’s making the Child Support Agency figures look good because the money keeps coming in ! You don’t get any overpayment back either it only stops from the actual date when she or the Ch/ben people tell them ! Another inequality against nrp’s!

  3. Hi my partners daughter has left school we don’t think she’s in further education csa said our last payment would be Sept this year but they have sent another bill

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