CSA ask me to pay 10 grand over the phone

December 23, 2010

Basically this has been gonig on for about 4 years and i still have’nt managed to sort out a regular payment, it started back in about dec 06 when i sent them my payslips and received a letter in jan 07 telling me i have to pay £20 a omnth so i rang them up gave them my bank details and then thought nothing of it.

I then receive a letter in oct 07 asking me why i have not paid anything so i ring thme again and give thme my bank details again and think nothing of it then in june 08 they take £500 fron my account and i contact them askin what is goin on and they say that is what i have to pay each month so i tell them that i’am unaware of this and i have received no letters and then ask for a re-assessment.

Then in mar 09 i receive a letter telling me i dont have to pay anything so i think nothing of it and again in nov 09 i receive another letter telling me i dont have to pay anything so again i think nothing of it. then in mar/april 10 i receive letter askin why i have’nt payed my maintenance so i ring them and explain the letters i have received any they just say it is a mistake so again i ask for a re-assessment and now in oct just gone i have sent them more payslips and rang them 2 days ago to find out if they have them and now they are telling me i owe them £10,000 and they are sending me a liability order. First of all the woman asked if i could pay it now i just laughed, she then said can i pay half i laughed again its an utter joke. She stated i have to pay it off in 2 years i said its not possible i dont have that sort of money.

If it goes to court first of all i know the figure is wrong and second of can i contest the monthly payment they ask me to pay on the liability order. someone please help in i’am in dire straits.


  • Brokenfather says:

    I find this very strange.

    You dont bother to make sure they are taking the £20 pm for 18 months but you immediately notice the £500 the same month.

    You then happily accept without question that you have no CM to pay even though you are clearly working.

    Don’t you think you bear some of the blame for the current arrears?

  • Jim Rigley says:

    I was taken to court with the wrong figure on my "liability order".Firstly when you goto the hearing remember they have "rented" the judges for the day, there is very little you can do to contest the order. Their is nothing in the legislation that says you have to pay it back in two years, and they cannot legally take more than 40% of your income.Take copies of all your document, keep the originals safe and as far away from them as possible. If you have them they will help.Second, get a solicitor to represent you.

  • Mark Yak Attack Howard says:

    That's if you can afford one !!! LOL. They are just as big a thieves as the scumbags agency.

  • csahater says:

    I think thats a bit harsh Brokenfather. If your gas and elec direct debit went up by £20 you might not notice, but I too and I think anybody would notice £500.
    CSA has messed up yet again.
    Look at it this way, If someone asked for a plate and then broke it and didn’t tell you and put it at the back of the cupboard, then when you find the broken plate how then can you be blamed for braking the plate…It’s broken in the first place.

  • Juliet-Amber Jolliffe says:

    The courts, as Jim says, take what the CSA say is gospel. If they say you owe 10k, the judge will not look at how they got to that figure, they will just state you have to pay it and then suggest 40% of your earnings. The 2 years is the CSA's own targets – they won't get their personal bonus if you take longer so they'll say anything to get it. Ask for all your files (state that you are entitled to them through data protection) and you could try contating NACSA who will look at all your files for you and suggest possible solutions. When the CSA work out your maintenance payment – never believe them. Work it out yourself on their calculater and if they say you owe nothing, you know that's not true and they'll come for the money eventually. Good luck.

  • Jim Rigley says:

    Indeed, remember the rules of disclosure, if they want to use evedence against you they HAVE to provide that to you before hand to build a defence, however as I said before, its Rent-a-judge. Seriously ask the Judge.

  • Richard Murray says:

    Ring them and tell them that you have met a girl over the weekend and she and her 4 kids are moving in !!!

  • graeme says:

    Just another reason why i think this shambolic agency should be shut down.

    I also think that following should happen.

    1. A goverment enquiry to take place why this agency is a failure.

    2. Management and staff to be accountable for their actions.

    3. Criminal prosecutions to take place against management and staff who have demanded money with menace. They are not FSA trained advisors and therefore should not be demanding this money in the manner that they do.

    4. All arrears to the Sec of State to be written off.

    5. A Serious Fraud Office Investigation to be compiled into the mishandling of funds.

    6. Senior management, from supervisor to the head of the CSA to be stripped off their pensions and forced to pay back the money they have stolen over the years. Even if that means bank account seizures, Liability orders placed upon them, houses repossesed and sold for a fraction of their values.

    7. Staff to be made redundant with no redundancy payments.. then lets see them survive and cope with no money.

    8. Any future jobs they apply for they should be forced to undergo a minimum of 2 years training before they are even let loose near a phone again especially within a customer servicce role again.

    9. The Goverment minister should be sacked and his pension and pay reclaimed along with his expenses for his time in office.

    These are my thoughts only on this subject.


  • Martin Jock Laird says:

    Keep on going they are so crap they will make a mistake then you might have a chance they done the same to me but I'm winning now all I need is some justice call them all the time just to harass them then wish them happy x mas they hate it

  • Richard Murray says:

    Told me today to be patient with my new case officer ?? This must be the sixth incompetent twat in 11 years !!

  • Thomas Annetts says:

    why cant they understand common sense

  • Thomas Annetts says:

    i have always payed child support for my son the csa say i owe 16000 for my daughter surely they should have taken some money from the assesment for my son and given it to my daughter or said to me some of this money and a little bit more needs to go to your daughter but nothing until this year can some one help me i am getting more angry and think they may need a car driven into one of there office buildings whilst on fire carrying two tons of raw sewage

  • Thomas Annetts says:

    i am on the phone know asking for a refund

  • Thomas Annetts says:

    they say there is no refund being sent lol

  • Thomas Annetts says:

    csa say there not there to decide weather i go to work or not

  • Martin Jock Laird says:

    Be calm I'm on the verge of winning against the modern SS sack the lot of them always get names and times of the idiot you try and talk to and always give them stick

  • Richard Murray says:

    Verge!! on edge me ?

  • Thomas Annetts says:

    I have had enough just want my life back we have got to get together and fight these bastards in a united and organised fashion is there anything left to loose??????????????

  • Rach says:

    if you have the letters to prove that you were on a nil assessment than show it to the magistrate and totally dispute their figure as you have solid proof you dont owe it

  • Mark Yak Attack Howard says:

    Thomas, I am in agreement with you. Anybody fancy a michael ryan on plymouth ??? LOL.

  • Jem Pogue says:

    Come the new year we will make it OUR year and take back our lives by closing this abhorrent mess down !

  • Thomas Annetts says:

    is the csa part of dwp? because if they are this is stupid the calculator the job centre use to see if its worth me going back to work says no not at the rate the csa want paying WTF

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Thomas, if I work 35 hours at NMW, I would be no better off at present than being on JSA/HB. By working, I have to pay ALL my rent, Tax, NI and CM…What a stupid country we live in? Well, the CSA have screwed me once, they are trying again but I'm not going to back down, it time for us to get it together and bring this abhorrent agency to it's knees and hopefully the executioner will call!

  • Craig Bulman says:

    Ask them to show you their license to accept payment over the phone and ask the person who this – ask them for their financial qualifications, I would assume that they asked you to take out a loan too?You will have the liability order put against you anyway regardless. corrupt bunch of wankers they need a good beating and their hoses trashed.That two year thing is a load of shite it is a managerial steer – you tell them to prove to you where it states in the law that you have to pay the arrears in such a short space of time. Lets all get together and go to Plymouth and frighten the shit out of these pricks so much that they will leave.

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