I’ve been telling the CSA about my ex’s earnings since 2005

October 5, 2013

I have been telling the CSA since 2005 that my ex earns more than he says but I could never prove it. My payments have, after all these years, gone from £5 a week to £48 this month, this is because they have found via family tax credits that he earns more than he declaired.

CSA are saying that will not back pay as there calculations are based on what they where aware of at the time and this is there policies and procedure on such things. Now i have to go to court to settle the matter ( I think I’ll need a lawyer).

I have asked the CSA for all contact I have made over the years to show my insistance that he earns more and have now submited a late appeal (which they may not even consider as it has been more than 30 weeks since last assesment).

I have also complained to the CSA about there conduct in my case :-S. Can anyone advice me further in this matter or give me any accounts of there dealings is similar situations and the outcome. Thankyou for reading this, I am so worried. 🙁


  • sarah says:

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