CSA made 17 errors handling my case

April 30, 2010

I found you by typing ‘CSA Complaints’ into google, glad I did as I sometimes think its just me suffering at CSA stealth methods of extracting as much money from me as possible. After 12 years the darling CSA has been attacking my salary with avengance and a DEO all because my ex wife says she did not receive money from me for 2 years dating back 12 years.

I have battled against them using my MP, Solicitor and finaly the Independant Case Examiner who in May reported 17 errors in the CSA’s handling of my case. they had until the 15th July to respond, guess what, they did not.

D Day is Thursday this week when the ICE say they must now tell me what they will do.

What a bunch of lying cheating bastards they are, I wish you luck.

John Birch, Wallasey, Wirral


  • chall says:

    Hi John Birch,

    Click on my user name – the forum at afairercsaforall has 1800 + members and will welcome you – its all FOC

  • olaf says:

    CSA would not be on your case in first place if you weren’t a shady arse to begin with! Try being honest and financially upfront with you ex wife to begin with you wouldn’t have such problems!

  • Ken says:

    I have just been assessed as having an income of $157000 when the ATO shows my income was $48000, the CSA determined as I was made redundant and received a payout of $15000 that, that ws what I had earned in one month and therefore there system automatically worked on the basis that I must have earned that each month for the past year and then state I must now pay $1392 per month in maintenance. Complained to the CSA and the arrogant person stated that it was correct and that I have to pay even when all evidence supports my income including the payout was $48000. What rights do we have when there staff can see that it is blatantly incorrect but say that it is correct as per the system look out CSA here comes another court case against you yes this will be the third and the previous two I have won

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