If CSAhell.com creates a petition on epetitions.direct.gov.uk, what would you like us to request changed?

August 20, 2013

We’re going to create a petition on the epetitions.direct.gov.uk website, and use CSAhell.com and our Facebook and Twitter presence to promote it. Using the power of our website we believe we can reach the required number of people to get the petition signed, unlike the hundreds of other petitions set up every day entitled ‘ban the CSA’ or ‘shut down the CSA’. These won’t work, and usually only generate a handful of signatures.

We need your help however to choose something about the CSA you most want to see changed. Many months ago we asked for suggestions via Facebook, and the following are some of the best suggestions. Please vote on the one you think you’d most like to see changed, we will then create our petition for that.

If CSAhell.com creates a petition on epetitions.direct.gov.uk, what would you like us to request changed?

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It’s going to be interesting to see if the employer takes the full amount

August 19, 2013

Recently Moved From Yorkshire To Lincolnshire April 2013 Told CSA I Was Moving And New Job Details Done Everything By The Book Took Lower Paid Job Read more

The CSA doesn’t have the power it claims to have

August 15, 2013

The CSA leaflet states that they have the POWER to remove the driving license or passport and to also impose a prison sentence if an absent parent is refusing to Read more

I’m no longer letting them get away with it – I’ve started a petition

August 9, 2013


My problems with csa are more to do with the old system calculations it’s a constant battle keep trying to get moved onto the new system but they Read more

A bit of insight from a CSA worker

August 7, 2013

Willing to give advice/help.

Ok, not sure the mods here will even allow this, but here goes. Ive worked in the CSA for a while for obvious reasons i wont be giving personal Read more

I either follow her or forget the idea of getting any money

July 4, 2013

I have given all the information I can but she quit the job before starting it. But due to the fact that mutual friends gave me the information, She isn’t Read more

We should come together for legal representation

June 29, 2013

I’m seeing a lot of issues with the CSA from both RP’s and NRP’s on this site and seeing there are possible actions that could be taken but the problem being that Read more

Why don’t the csa look at ‘household income’ like the DWP do??

June 26, 2013

If they took this into account for BOTH the NRP AND the PWC, then everything would be so much fairer wouldn’t it??

Balance the payments that the NRP should pay – looking at their own outgoings BEFORE making any assessments for child maintenance, against the amount the PWC has to live on!!

For example the NRP has £1000 a month of utility bills/mortgage or rent/council tax (essentials to live on yeah??!!) allow a ‘standard’ amount for food/petrol to work/or public transport, say £500 a month for this example. However the NRP only earns £1800 a month – take home pay. Therefore the NRP has £300 a month left. Ignoring debts (as that’s too complex to get the CSA to try and assess).

Why can’t CSA do an assessment on the remaining amount the NRP has left????

Bear in mind the CSA should add into the equation the amount the PWC earns!! That’s fair isn’t it???? If the PWC is earning min wage, or not working because the PWC is at home with the kids then the PWC’s income is disregarded. However if the PWC is bringing home £5000 a month and the PWC’s bills (inc all essential bills/food/fuel etc.)  Then in that case the NRP should pay less!!

That IS much fairer!! It can’t be that difficult to do…the CSA already have access to DWP, HMRC records so they have all the relevant information.

Comments please………….

If we all stopped paying, the system would collapse

June 24, 2013

If everybody could find a way to stop paying into the system. All parents paying, stop paying to the CSA and give direct to the parent with custody hopefully the system Read more

I am against a system that breeds and encourages greed to the detriment of our families

June 22, 2013

I have been coming on to this website for a couple of years now and read lots and lots of problems with the CSA (all of which I agree with), some Moral issues (about parentage) and some legal issues (surrounding financial obligations and the powers of the CSA). I have initiated a few threads myself when I needed help dealing with the idiots at the CSA and although life isn’t black and white, one fact that none of us can deny is that the DECISION to give birth to the child lies solely with the mother!!!

The CSA relies on the PWC (usually the mother) making a claim and have used money as an incentive to do so, and as a result thousands and THOUSANDS of NRP’s have been victimised, harassed bullied and some have even taken their own life because of it… greed is truly a deadly sin!!

However, there are situations where men DO NOT WANT KIDS and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, what is wrong is that they are having to pay for the rest of their lives for having a one night stand!!! When two consenting adults have sex (drunk or sober) they are KNOWINGLY taking the chance of becoming a parent, however, at the point where the female finds herself pregnant and realises that the man she slept with does not want a child SHE should make a decision to give birth to the child on the basis that:

1) SHE is the only parent and as such should financially support the child ALONE and be made to sign a disclaimer or some other legally binding document, or
2) Abort the child and wait for someone who wants to have a child.

I am a female and I’m absolutely shocked that there are women out there who trap men so that they can have a child and/or avoid working.

NOT all children are born under these circumstances and most are born through choice with two consenting parents who want to be actively involved in the childs life (even after separation/divorce) but again, its down to the mother (usually) to decide how SHE wants to play it… be fair or be greedy (with the help of the CSA)…. MEN have absolutely no choice in any of it and going through the legal system has no guarantees, the mother can ignore the law, lie and do what she likes without retribution and it’s all wrong…. And why does she get away with it… because she has the support of the CSA.

I’d like to just point out that I am not against decent PWCs AT ALL, but I am against a system that breeds and encourages greed to the detriment of our families….
Something needs to change!!! I know I will be shot down in flames by many people but this is a forum for voicing our opinions, and this is mine!!!

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