I’m sick of how the CSA has treated my family – we need to sign these petitions

August 27, 2013

I’m not gonna get into my story as I have been over and over it…it makes me sick to my stomach how my family have been left through the CSA system. Please Please could you all go onto the the HM Government e petitions and sign as many petitions as you can and spread the word so others do the same, hopefully they will change the laws behind it and make it fairer….something needs to be done!! It takes a few seconds, costs nothing and could help us all!! Thank you


  • Sally says:

    Could someone add the hyperlink to the petition? Ta

  • John says:

    I have looked at what some of the petitions are asking, and I don’t agree with some of their content, and what I am being asked to sign.

    I would be looking for the total abolition of the CSA, and the use of either mediation centres, with financial disclosure and means testing from both parents or return to a court system, where there are definitive decisions and both parents know where they stand.

    Lets face it the current system is an over-complicated, complete shambles, run for stakeholders, and also to keep staff in bonuses and pensions.

    Having has 13 years of this sh-t, I think that I am qualified to give my opinion!

  • carol says:

    Agree John, the whole corrupt system needs to be abolished. Also, living costs for essentials such as energy and food and extortionate rental costs also need to be addressed.

    It doesnt matter what I earn, even if I complete training to better my situation, I would be left unable to manage should the car break down, or something unexpected happen, even living FRUGALLY on say £22,000pa (the amount I would get if I qualify)…this is not right and it is keeping people wanting to work, unable to work (how can we get to work with no money to run and maintain a car) And for those who are “allowed” to see their children, how do they care for their children when they cannot even afford to pick up their children let alone feed them something other than savers own brand sludge?

    Greed, manipulation and control have taken over what should be co-parenting. I am so done with this system, and my ex who claims to love his daughter but has obstructed and denied his daughter having her mother in her life, to satisfy his own agenda. I am one of many NRP’s who have this done to them by bitter PWC’s.

    Why are we surprised that an evil corrupt agency supports evil and corrupt ‘parents’ ?

  • John says:

    @ Carol~ All decent parents, irrespective of the ‘family breakdown’, want to provide and have contact with their children. However, there are some ‘feckless’ parents who either don’t want to provide, because of complications with contact, or are just plain angry at each other. It can be a battleground.

    There are the more ‘feckless’, who just will not take their financial responsibility for their child/children. If they can provide and are avoiding payment, then they deserve to be held to account.

    Then there are those nrp’s who, through no fault of their own, because of unemployment, ill-health or other genuine reasons, cannot provide finances. Under these circumstances the state has to support the pwc, child/children through the benefit system.

    Castigating parents regarding their own children is the lowest form of punishment. There’s no ‘carrot’ with the CSA, it’s the ‘stick’ all of the time.

    I too have thought on many occasions, that if I were to experience other large financial worries, such as a car breakdown and large repair bill, central heating boiler failure, or other emergency situations that require finance, then I would be absolutely ‘cash strapped’, and would probably have to go cap-in-hand, to relatives or the bank.

    I am a lucky survivor, so far. However, the cost of divorce and maintenance has taken me to my financial limits.

    What I find galling, is that being embroiled in a ‘not fit for purpose’, ‘shambolic’ system run by office staff, that has attempted to demonise me, and criminalise me over 13 years, using ‘flawed’ statute law, that none of those in the ‘system’ have consented to, or have been canvassed on.

    The greed, manipulation and control, that you mention is being fed and funded by the CSA.

    Important matters involving children, belong in the courts with professional, accredited lawyers, and not with ‘office staff’ at the CSA. Then we all know where we stand, and can abide by the law, instead being treated as ‘outlaws’!

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