We should come together for legal representation

June 29, 2013

I’m seeing a lot of issues with the CSA from both RP’s and NRP’s on this site and seeing there are possible actions that could be taken but the problem being that its difficult to get legal representation that would bring a case against the Government.

I myself have had numerous problems with the CSA many of them I see here. Would it not be worthwhile as a Group of people’s on this site from both sides of the Fence as to say to get a comprehensive list of both RP’s and NRP’s find the most common of complaints and experience’s from both sides, find a legal Representative who would be willing to represent us all as one.

Which would mean we could all pay into a single legal fund and fight this in which ever judicial system deemed to get the best results? This would mean the Government and people would have to sit up take note. Action in the masses in a case like this would be far more damaging than action as individuals? Just a thought!!!


  • Macon says:

    This is a great idea , My problem with the Csa is they have doctored my data files I have proof of this as I log all calls and keep all letters but when I get my data prints there is very little that corresponds with my records a clear breach of data protection law and if the NRP says it didn’t happene no proof in the world make the Csa change there minds and also they have Csa1 , Csa 2 and now Csa 3 payment rules this is clear discrimination , Csa 2 came in in 2003 and still people are still on Csa1 10 years later why ? But when the child benifit rule to alow parents to claim for kids until 20 years old the Csa change that rule in a day !

  • John says:

    I think that the there would have to be categories i.e NRP’s with problems and PWC’S with problems, but if either group can find a reputable legal team, who would undertake their cause for a fixed fee (depending upon numbers), then I would certainly ‘chip in’ as long as their is some legal basis such as Human Rights Act, or flawed legislation, along the lines of the Hillsborough group who are seeking restorative justice.

    I very much hope that this would be the correct course of conduct.

    It’s not about not wanting to support your child/children as a parent, it’s about the way that politicians have introduced flawed legislation that seeks to criminalise and demonise parents regard THEIR own children!

  • skippydo says:

    Please may spread the word and please let’s try setup a REAL COLLECTIVE RESPONSE to this mess.

    A protest March for fairness! on FEB 1ST 2014 @ 10 DOWNING ST and DWP Head office.

    Who’s in?

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