I’m no longer letting them get away with it – I’ve started a petition

August 9, 2013


My problems with csa are more to do with the old system calculations it’s a constant battle keep trying to get moved onto the new system but they keep telling me it government legislation that stops them from doing this which we all knows is rubbish so av got my mp involved.

It’s now got to the stage were am no longer sitting about letting the government get away with hiding in the shadows so av created a e petition so if there are any people out there with the same problem as me could you please sign my epetition and spread the word so we can stop this government getting away with this blatant discrimination policy it has for all people that have cases with them before 2002 thanks in advance.



  • Woody says:

    Me too, count me in.
    My email address is [email protected]

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