CSA wants more than 40% of my earnings

March 26, 2011

I am currently off sick from my job due to an accident I had at work. I pay the CSA by way of a Deduction of Earnings Order. I was lead to believe that by law the most that they can take in any one pay cycle is 40% of net pay, but I am currently paying between 75%-80% of net pay.

When I contacted the CSA they said that the 40% rule does not apply as I am on the old scheme.

I am likely to be off sick for a number of months as I have to wait for a MRI scan and having an intense course of physioterapy.

The CSA have said that they will take all the shortfall when I am back at work. This means that I face working the whole of 2012 for £283.60 a month which is the same as someone on income support.

Is this payment legal?

Can I claim compensation against the CSA?

March 26, 2011

I first contacted the CSA way back in March 1999. Since then due to a series of mistakes and several closures of my case on the CSA’s behalf I still await my first payment – yes you heard right, I have never had a penny from my son’s father over 11 years!!!.

After meeting my partner (who does pay for his 2 children) it prompted me to once again try the CSA, I thought maybe with the new system that was brought in I might finally get somewhere. Huh……how wrong was i?? I contacted them again in late Dec 2010 (my son is now 16 and I think this is maybe my last chance before he leaves full time education). I spoke to an advisor who told me they would track Read more

Child Support Agency wants even more money from me

March 25, 2011

I have been paying the csa £318 per month for a long time (including arrears) each time I asked how much did I owe them they told me a different amount each time ranging from £3000 to £8000, surely I said after over two years at £318 per month it must be paid by now.They came back to me saying I owed them another £6000.Bearing in mind I was only paying £60 per month child benifit as on low income.

They were also claiming from me for one of my daughters who is 23 and has three children.the csa put on hold the amount I was paying them and said they would get back to within two weeks and would work out a payment plan with me.But two weeks went by and I got a letter from a bailiff company telling me if I did not pay £3000 odd within 7 days they would come to my home and collect my goods to the value of what I owe.

I called the csa back and told them they were supposed to call me back with a plan,they said I would have to deal with the bailiffs, and where I was paying the £60 per month to them they now want £200 per month.After calling the bailiffs Read more

Voluntary payments do not count says CSA

March 25, 2011

Twelve years after the last contact with CSA, I was sent a letter to say I owed the CSA thirtyseven plus pounds. After getting an interim assessesment turned into a full assessment this went down to nearly eight thousand pounds. Having got so far then told them that ex had the house which was worth five times plus what was left on mortgage, on top of that gave her voluntary payments every week for well over eight years, and then she did not want any more money as she didn’t want me to see kids (but not outright said this).

Nevertheless, after CSA contacted her she admitted that she had payments from me, nevertheless, even though she had not told the CSA that she was getting money from me when claiming benefits and child support payments, they say that as I Read more

CSA will not take my private agreement into account

March 24, 2011

Basically I have a son who resides in Southern Ireland (born in the uk) who I pay child maintenance for under a private agreement with his mother. I also have a daughter who I have been paying child maintenance to under a private agreement but now my ex has reduced my contact with my daughter and is now going through the CSA for her financial benefit.

Unfortunately the CSA say that they do not take my private agreement that I have with my son’s mother into account as he lives outside their jurisdiction.

Could you help or let me know of anyone / organisation that could please?

Many Thanks in Advance

Pursued by CSA for child that isn’t mine

March 24, 2011

I was wondering if you could advise me, my husband is being pursued by the CSA for £14k plus in arrears for a child who he believes is not his, in 1997 he went to court and the mother was subpoenaed to take a DNA test which she refused to do. He has started receiving demands again for the sum above and he wrote to the CSA explaining this, but they have replied back that the mother will not take a DNA test even now and they are taking her word that my husband is the father and are taken ligtigation action through the court, surely he cannot be held responsible until it is proven that he is the father.

Many thanks for your time.


CSA only goes after loving fathers like me

March 23, 2011

I have just found this site and can’t believe the amount of people that are in the same boat as me. So much of what I’ve read is just the same as my experience with the csa, they behave like the SS, I dont know how they can sleep at night.

Surely to god the government know what an arse they are making of everything and how they are making people’s lives a misery. I love my daughter more than anything and want to provide the best I can for her, but they dont seem to take into account little things like having to pay your mortgage and all the other bills as well. It seems to me they go for the fathers who want Read more

Can I claim back money already paid to the CSA?

March 23, 2011

Can anyone help me?

Without going into too much detail i have been paying the CSA for just over a year. My earnings change each year as I am paid a basic wage with bonuses being paid based on performance on a quarterly basis. With the recession over the past few years my earnings have decreased and based on this years projections for the industry i work in, i will earn less again this year.

When the CSA got involved they based my payments in 2010 on what i earned in 2009. If i look at what i earned in 2010 i have overpaid by around £40 per month for the past 13 months resulting in a total overpayment of £521.17p

When i contacted the CSA about this they have said that i cannot claim this money back nor will they Read more

Child Support Agency is a shambles

March 22, 2011

I have been paying my ex 83.00 pound a week since august 2010. In december 2010 i noticed that the csa had taken 300 pound a week from my wages, when i phoned them they said it was for arrears that i had already paid my ex so they asked for proof of payment. I sent them receipts from halifax bank in my ex’s name and her account of payments since august 2010.

But they said they couldnt accept them unless my ex admits that she has had the money, but she wont, so they cant do anything to help me and I have to pay money for which i have already paid . What a joke the CSA is.

A pissed off loving father.

As a man do I have no rights to see my child?

March 22, 2011

My name is Mario and i am 27.

Five years ago i thought i was going to settle for good, i thought i had found her. Was i wrong…..? We had Layla, beautifful perfect little girl, blue eyes, dark blonde hair, and a cracking personality, very bright and curious about everything. I couldnt have asked better from a daughter.

3 months ago me and partner split up for various reasons, so she takes Layla with her 200 miles away, i asked the police if they could stop her but they actually smirked at me and said nothing could be done, “she is the mother”. Now, i understand that women have priority to take the kids since its in a women`s nature to be caring and also because of the bond that they make during the 9 months, but dont they need men to have kids in the first place???Are we men nothing but sperm machines??Have we no rights in our offsprings lifes??

Do we loose the right that has been given to us by GOD or something else if we are to poor to afford a proper family solicitor?? The fact in my situation is that after my partner`s maternity leave ended, she had to return to work doing 4 6 hour shifts a week and because she has qualifications and could make enuff for the 3 of us, i was beeing a full time dad, morning feeds, nappies, winding all of it, i did it all and never once picked a book up, i can say i was good at beeing a father not because i did it all, but because Read more

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