CSA will not take my private agreement into account

March 24, 2011

Basically I have a son who resides in Southern Ireland (born in the uk) who I pay child maintenance for under a private agreement with his mother. I also have a daughter who I have been paying child maintenance to under a private agreement but now my ex has reduced my contact with my daughter and is now going through the CSA for her financial benefit.

Unfortunately the CSA say that they do not take my private agreement that I have with my son’s mother into account as he lives outside their jurisdiction.

Could you help or let me know of anyone / organisation that could please?

Many Thanks in Advance


  • Paul says:

    Hi Mike,

    I fully understand your predicament as I am in a similar one myself, can you tell me if the CSA will take into account that you support 2 children and not base an assessment upon one child only?

  • Mick says:

    I was in this position last year, and it’s a disgrace. The CSA is actively promoting parents to sort their maintenance out mutually but in instances like this the father is penalised. So you end up effectively paying 15% through CSA and 10% direct to the other mum.

    I ended up telling the mother that I had the private arrangement with to ring the CSA and report me. If she didn’t then is stop her maintenance. It was hard for her to get her head around at first but she eventually understood my point of view.

    She is now ‘factored in’ to the CSA calculation but I continue to pay her direct.

    Meanwhile the other mother gets her 10% not 15%.

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