Pursued by CSA for child that isn’t mine

March 24, 2011

I was wondering if you could advise me, my husband is being pursued by the CSA for £14k plus in arrears for a child who he believes is not his, in 1997 he went to court and the mother was subpoenaed to take a DNA test which she refused to do. He has started receiving demands again for the sum above and he wrote to the CSA explaining this, but they have replied back that the mother will not take a DNA test even now and they are taking her word that my husband is the father and are taken ligtigation action through the court, surely he cannot be held responsible until it is proven that he is the father.

Many thanks for your time.



  • tony says:

    if the pwc refuses to take a dna test the case is closed. contact your mp and make a fuss if the chimps at the csa think they can intimate you into paying they will. keep all contact in writing DO NOT PHONE!!! keep copies of all letters sent and all replies.send all letters special delivery. demand the case is closed
    rant over!!!

  • rach says:

    right we had a similiar situation what you need to do is apply for a declaration of parentage hearing with your local magistrate court it costs bout £130, explain everything on the form and at the hearing she will be ORDERED to take a dna test if she then refuses they will issue you with a declaration of non parentage whch will mean that the csa wil have to close the case, make sure you put the csa ref number on your court form and the court wil then write to csa informing them of the declaration hearing and all enforcement proceedings wil be put on hold until after the hearing, good luck and do it quickly!

  • katay says:

    we are at court at the moment and my husbands ex has been requested to do a DNA with no response. We then went back to court and the Judge ( man hater) would not pass the declaration of non parentage. although the child himself has been told my husband is not the father and everyone else has been told too. we are still paying CSA for the child that is not my husbands but the judge says that as its not in the best interest of the child to give us the declaration of non parntage and that we have to start the whole process nearer to while she lives to give her ANOTHER chnace to attend. we are in good faith that she will not attend and have to pay out expenses to go to the court for it to be adjurned for another 2 weeks to give her another chance …blah blah blah. The judge said that it is purly money driven which is correct as we have 3 children have had to move and i have had to return to work early as £500 per month is being taken from us. this does not somehow sem fair to me and our children yet the judge ruled it is in the best interest of the child in question who now knows who his father is!!!! I dont know what we can do next and would appriciate some advise pls!!

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