Child Support Agency is a shambles

March 22, 2011

I have been paying my ex 83.00 pound a week since august 2010. In december 2010 i noticed that the csa had taken 300 pound a week from my wages, when i phoned them they said it was for arrears that i had already paid my ex so they asked for proof of payment. I sent them receipts from halifax bank in my ex’s name and her account of payments since august 2010.

But they said they couldnt accept them unless my ex admits that she has had the money, but she wont, so they cant do anything to help me and I have to pay money for which i have already paid . What a joke the CSA is.

A pissed off loving father.


  • Lisa says:

    Just wondering if anyone has advice for me.
    At the time that I made a claim through the CSA, about 10 years ago I seem to remember that private arrangements were being replaced by CSA assessments and that private arrangements would not be enforceable. I therefore made an application.
    I have never received any monies from the CSA but have today received a letter from them. I have telephoned them for the sake of clarity.
    The non resident parent is in arrears of 13,515 pounds and it will now be deducted from their benefits at a rate of 5 pounds per week. Quick calculation reveals that this will take 52 years to pay.
    As I was not legally entitled to make an enforceable private arrangement at the time of application. The CSA has assumed responsibility for all terms of the arrangements.
    I will be seeking legal advice but feel that as they have assumed the responsibility for all arrangements in this regard that it could also be argued that they should pay my daughter, who is now seeking a place at University the money and that they collect the arrears from the non-resident parent.
    Our daughter will be 70 by the time this arrears is paid!

  • John says:

    Now that you armed with the evidence it would be a good time to visit your M.P. Ask your M.P to contact the CSA to clarify your possition.

    I would then inform your M.P. that you are seeking legal advice, if the matter is not sorted out!

    The headline story refers to a ‘shambles’, could you please inform your M.P.on behalf of all CSA sufferers that the ‘Shambles CSA’ is ‘not fit for purpose’ and should be shut down!

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