CSA wants more than 40% of my earnings

March 26, 2011

I am currently off sick from my job due to an accident I had at work. I pay the CSA by way of a Deduction of Earnings Order. I was lead to believe that by law the most that they can take in any one pay cycle is 40% of net pay, but I am currently paying between 75%-80% of net pay.

When I contacted the CSA they said that the 40% rule does not apply as I am on the old scheme.

I am likely to be off sick for a number of months as I have to wait for a MRI scan and having an intense course of physioterapy.

The CSA have said that they will take all the shortfall when I am back at work. This means that I face working the whole of 2012 for £283.60 a month which is the same as someone on income support.

Is this payment legal?


  • John says:

    Go to your M.P. and ask them to intervene. Infoorm them that you are paying but having difficulties. if your M.P does not help in any way, shape or form. Inform them of the Job seekers allowance scenario. and what you will be earning each month!

    Tel yout M.P. that you are being criminalised and impoverised, by constant CSA bullying!

    If your income has dropped because you are off sick, inform the CSA in writing. In fact only have contact with the CSA in writing. They constantly lie, because they are on performance bonuses!

    I think that the CSA have lied to you regarding the 40% rule. If This is the case, inform your M.P. that the CSA have told blatant lies!

  • kirsty says:

    My boyfiend is in the same position. The CSA have been demanding £18000 for two children that he does not believe to be his. The children were 13 and 15 years old when we were first contacted by CSA 1 year ago. The CSA do not seem willing to help with finding out the real truth of parentage as long as the get the money off some one, thats all they care about. In fact one agent said she did not care who the father was she was still going to come after us for the money. there is no proof that my boyfriend could be their father as he was not married to the mother nor did he sing either birth certificate. It is disgusting that a woman could point the finger at any man saying he was the childs father, falsing the man to pay maintenance, if he doesnt pay he needs to pay for a DNA test or his bank could be frozen, take away his driving licence, stop him from selling his house. Where is the responsibility on the mother to prove or have reason to believe the male is the childs father and what punishment does she get if the suspected father is not the father. CSA seems to be against the rights of men and protect women

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