Can I claim back money already paid to the CSA?

March 23, 2011

Can anyone help me?

Without going into too much detail i have been paying the CSA for just over a year. My earnings change each year as I am paid a basic wage with bonuses being paid based on performance on a quarterly basis. With the recession over the past few years my earnings have decreased and based on this years projections for the industry i work in, i will earn less again this year.

When the CSA got involved they based my payments in 2010 on what i earned in 2009. If i look at what i earned in 2010 i have overpaid by around £40 per month for the past 13 months resulting in a total overpayment of £521.17p

When i contacted the CSA about this they have said that i cannot claim this money back nor will they reduce my payments this year to take the overpayment into account. They have now based this years payments on what i earned in 2010 but as the recession is still affecting the industry i work in i am sure that i will earn less again this year so will be overpaying again

using this rule i will always be overpaying for each year i earn less. My son is now at college and is 17 in July but i have to keep paying until he reaches his 19th birthday which is another 2 years yet. the only way this system will ever work for me is if i earn vastly more money in my final year of payments.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to claim this money back or have the overpayment taken into account for this year as i am getting nowhere with the CSA

Thanks in advance


  • Matt says:

    The csa should work it out as basic pay for 2009 plus bonuses for the 12 month previous period. when a change ofcircumstances is notified due to you having a wage reduction., another assessment takes place basic plus last 12 months bonus. Only record a change in circumstances if your wages drop or if you increase your pension contribution.

    Im having the same crap from the csa.

    Best of luck

  • john says:

    I started self employment construction work on 18th april 2013 after a period of unemployment and advised the csa straight away.I said I earned £500 per week but this was without any self employed expenses being considered.I calculated that £400 per month would be a reasonable figure to pay per month and they said ok.I made my first payment of £400 on 21st May and another £400 on 21st June.
    A week later I received a letter saying I should pay £100 per week.The next day I received a letter threatening legal action saying I was £455 in arrears.The next again day I received a letter saying my payments were to increase.
    I called and paid the requested arrears and explained my figure was more correct than their estimate.
    They said as I had not done a years accounts yet that I had to pay their calculation and that any overpayments would be sorted out when I done my first years accounts.
    I pay away happily every month in the knowledge that any overpayments will be taken into account when I do my years accounts!.
    Mid may 2014 comes and I calculate I overpay by approx £800 and ask for the overpayment to be taken into account for future payments.
    NOT SO they say as I should have asked for a reassment back in June 2013.
    I then mention that I have hardly worked for the last couple of months and send bank statements to confirm this.
    They then send me a new calculation based on last years figures which I have no chance of earning.I call again and they say I have “anomalies” in my bank statements have a large company website and work for cash in hand sometimes!!!!………WTF.
    At the present moment in time I am having to make payments which I know are too much which I will be unable to claim back next year.Then again ille soon be that skint ille have no option but to throw in the towel and welcome back life on the dole.

    Don’t believe a word this bunch tell you ,its all nicey nicey smiles when you pay what they say but question their authority and you become a piece of deadbeat lying cheating scum.

  • Steve says:

    Ive been telling the CSA that my child is no longer in education since October 2013 and asking why I still have to pay via a deduction from earnings. I was told yesterday that they where about to close the case as they could not get a reply from my ex and that child benefit was stopped in September 2013 as child benefit have told them it was stopped in 2013. No one will tell me why it has taken almost 2 years and they no say that money paid but not due will not be paid back to me. What can I do to get my money back….

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