Child Support Agency wants even more money from me

March 25, 2011

I have been paying the csa £318 per month for a long time (including arrears) each time I asked how much did I owe them they told me a different amount each time ranging from £3000 to £8000, surely I said after over two years at £318 per month it must be paid by now.They came back to me saying I owed them another £6000.Bearing in mind I was only paying £60 per month child benifit as on low income.

They were also claiming from me for one of my daughters who is 23 and has three children.the csa put on hold the amount I was paying them and said they would get back to within two weeks and would work out a payment plan with me.But two weeks went by and I got a letter from a bailiff company telling me if I did not pay £3000 odd within 7 days they would come to my home and collect my goods to the value of what I owe.

I called the csa back and told them they were supposed to call me back with a plan,they said I would have to deal with the bailiffs, and where I was paying the £60 per month to them they now want £200 per month.After calling the bailiffs they want £141 per month which in total is £341 opposed to £318.The csa have had my bank statements (even though they have got access to my account somehow)income and out goings and know I cant afford the amount they want.I cant take the threats from them any longer of what they will do if I dont pay what they want.I cant work because of ill health which is terminal I cant claim benefits as I own two properties both mortgaged cant sell either one because they are worth a lot less than I paid for them.I rely on the income from one of them and live in part of the other one (flat) If I sold either one I could not afford to live in the one I had left.Why is there no understanding from these people its not as if I am refusing to pay its the amount I cant afford. There must be some help somewhere out there.Thanks for reading my sorry case. Geoff