Voluntary payments do not count says CSA

March 25, 2011

Twelve years after the last contact with CSA, I was sent a letter to say I owed the CSA thirtyseven plus pounds. After getting an interim assessesment turned into a full assessment this went down to nearly eight thousand pounds. Having got so far then told them that ex had the house which was worth five times plus what was left on mortgage, on top of that gave her voluntary payments every week for well over eight years, and then she did not want any more money as she didn’t want me to see kids (but not outright said this).

Nevertheless, after CSA contacted her she admitted that she had payments from me, nevertheless, even though she had not told the CSA that she was getting money from me when claiming benefits and child support payments, they say that as I did not pay the CSA the voluntary payments don’t count and that the debt is still mine.

Going to complain, as CSA has said I should because I was wrongly told that voluntary payments count, regardless, will still complain and going to arrange to see MP ASAP. What get me the CSA staff don’t know nothing they all contradict each other, one saying that I was being treated appallingly… Hope that is on tape!!!!!