Self employed getting away without paying the CSA

March 21, 2011

I have had a constant battle trying to get maintenance for my 8 yr old daughter. Around 4 yrs ago a liability order was served for around £2000 of arrears this was half of the debt as they can only do a certain period of time. A court order was made for £50 a week regular payments and some of the arrears. Now he has gone self employed and I have received payments of small amounts for the last few weeks.

Now they are saying he has been self employed since 2006 and they are reassessing the case from then. It looks like his payments should be between £6-8 a week. He has also claimed since this date he has shared access. He hasn’t seen her in 4 yrs. Why do innocent men always seem to get shafted but men like him get away with it??

Application to the CSA for a variations form

March 21, 2011

My Wife suddenly upped and left a year ago taking our 3 year old son with her, and moved 135 miles to Wales to live with her parents.

I was paying her £200 per month plus putting money into my son’s trust fund after we split. Now thanks to the CSA it is £380 per month. After travel costs to work at £400 per month, mortgage at £870 per month and various bills I often have nothing left whatsoever. I don’t smoke,drink, don’t have a social life and two months ago was onto the Samaritans, I was desperate. Thanks to some comparison websites I’ve been able to reduce my bills slightly which at least allows me to eat. (Incidentally, my son is now 4 years old, does it really cost £380 to feed and cloth a 4 year old)?

The reason for the divorce was my so-called unreasonable behaviour, which boiled down to my shiftwork (leaving me quite tired, sort of permanently jet-lagged I guess), and believe it or not not appreciating her Father giving me Read more

I am in debt and ex refuses to pay CSA

March 20, 2011

I split up with my daughters father when she was 2 weeks old, she will be 3 years old in 1 months time. I split up with him due to domestic violence, and his lack of support during my pregnancy and once my daughter was born (I say my daughter, because he hasn’t earnt the right to be called father) I was left to buy everything for my child whilst pregnant and it has been the same ever since. He got me in nearly £10,000 worth of debt due to his violent, controlling nature. He used to threaten me, smash our home up, and put his foot through furniture if I refused.

Anyway, I contacted the CSA as soon as I left him (somehow got the courage to leave after 17 months of being in his clutch) he has never ever offered or made a contribution payment for my daughters maintenance whilst he has ‘been’ in employment. He is a qualified gas fitter and was originally told he should pay £53 a week for her. He has only ever contributed just £5 a week, this is when he was claiming benefits with his new girlfriend (who happens to have a child too, silly siily woman getting hooked up with him).The total I have received off him in nearly 3 years, is less than £200. He decided to take me to court when my daughter turned 1, and now I have to piss about every 6 months attending Read more

No access to my children but CSA still wants money?

March 20, 2011

I am 44 and have 3 children to a deranged and violent woman in Scotland. She has been very cunning and ruthless and realised that the kids were a meal ticket and by lying to the police they were at her disposal to make me do what she wanted. I now have no contact with my children who are 9,10,11 although I was awarded cutody of them when she attempted suicide in 2005.

The kids have been through the courts and womans aid and court reporter and have been completely brainwashed.

I am being pursued by the csa for money for them althugh I cannot see them and do resent this. I will be working for a uk based offshore company but I also have a Spanish residency.

I am English and do at the moment live in Scotland with my new Partner and we love each other and our 2 beautiful children of 2 and 4.

Can you please give me some advice.

CSA allows the father to lie about his earnings

March 19, 2011

My childrens Father told me in April 2010 that he could no longer afford to pay the £200 per month private arrangement we had set up as he was only earning £500 per month so with no notice he stopped the payments completely. As his mortgage was £900pm and he still had his car which was taxed, MOT’d and insured, still smoked, still lived a rather comfortable life style I knew this was a lie.

I contacted CSA and in time payment arrangements were set up but as my ex-partner has a big say in the company he is employed by (previously director, now best friends with the current director) his wage slips conveniently also showed his income as being only £500pm, therefore the child maintenance payments nowhere near reflected how much it costs to provide for 2 children. On a regular basis I have asked my childrens Father if he is still only earning “£500pm” he has always stuck by this until Read more

Mistake after mistake from the Child Support Agency

March 19, 2011

I have been struggling with the CSA for years. My ex-husband has run circles round them to the point he owes £22,483.The legal enforcement team have just got him paying for last three months £148 when nothing. So i rang them on 12/03/2011 to enquire if my payments had stopped again. I was told they had a payment of £1032 paid in on the 4th march. (i nearly fainted)Are you sure ooooh yes she said be in your bank by FRIDAY 18TH MARCH. I rang to check progress on 16/03/2011 told it had gone to incident team at birkenhead they could not decide what to do with it.

Spoke to legal enforcement was told i am getting nothing it was a computer error. They will be the death of me as i could not get my breath when i came of phone. Really be happier living in gutter and drinking toilet water than fighting with them year in and year out. featured on BBC Radio

March 18, 2011

Earlier this week’s Darren Jamieson was asked to appear on a radio show about the government’s plans to force both non-resident parents and parents with care to pay to use the CSA. The radio show was a live show on BBC Radio York, with Adam Tomlinson, and took place on Monday 14th March.

During the interview concerns were raised that, although the government’s intention to encourage parents to not use the Child Support Agency at all and to make private agreements between themselves was good in its intention, the reality was far from workable. Too many times have we, at heard from parents who have made private payments to their ex only for the CSA to turn around and claim that the payments were not for child maintenance at all, and that payments were still owed.

Even if parents had proof that they had paid, including bank statements and records of payments, with amounts and dates paid, the CSA still maintained that the payments were not for child maintenance and that the parent had to pay again.

When you have an organisation as corrupt as the CSA able to make deductions direct from your salary for arrears that it has fabricated, making a private arrangement with your ex becomes unworkable. It is only a matter of time before the CSA comes knocking on your door demanding more money from you, money you have already paid.

Listen to the interview here and let us know your thoughts. Have you made a private arrangement with your ex? Has it worked for you? Has the Child Support Agency acknowledged the private arrangement or have you had problems with them wanting more money from you?

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CSA are a law unto themselves

March 18, 2011

My husband has beeen accused of owing 2.5 thousand. We did not know about this until 2yrs ago. I’ve been fighting his case for 7 yrs, the last 18mths my local mp has been involved. We were offered 2 payments and countless apologies. I sent the payments back and they admitted liability, for information going to old addresses on numerous occassions.

I was asked to proove that we didnot owe this money, which i did. They said because the details are correct on their system there was nothing we could do, they keep on putting a deduction of earnings order on my husband’s wages, once again we have Read more

CSA jurisdiction prior to April 1993

March 18, 2011

Hello I am new to this forum. I am hoping to get some information regarding a court order that was issued before april 1993 that was cancelled by csa when i wasn’t in receipt of benefits.

I am now considering my options as I have been waiting 13 years for justice and want to make an application to the high court for csa negligence.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


I want a personal arrangement but CSA still takes money via DEO

March 17, 2011

My daughter is 7 years old i have only ever met her on a few occasions since i found out she was mine when she was aged 5. When i found out she was through a DNA test her mother and i set up a private arrangement which went on for over a year and now she has found out she is pregnant again with her 3rd child she is taking me back to the CSA.

She refuses to allow my daughter to find out who i really am and i can only see her as and when she says. I live 147 miles away and dont get the opportunity to see her everytime i go home.

The CSA is taking £297 a month from me despite all this where as i still want the personal arrangement.

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