My Ex shouldn’t even be in the UK, never mind using the CSA

March 18, 2016

I had a case opened up by my ex. We had a family based arrangement. However, she decided this wasn’t working for her so decided to contact CMS.

They assessed that I should be paying considerably less than I was paying (which made me laugh). However for a case that was opened in February this year and with Read more

CMS battle is destroying our kids’ lives

March 17, 2016

Well originally I left my ex-wife due to her infidelity and frivolous behaviour i.e. not leaving us any money to live on.

I started paying CSA on the old system and had nowhere to live so was sleeping in my car and the amount the CSA wanted I could not afford to get anywhere. This went on for a while till my parents stepped in and moved me in as I could not afford to live anywhere else. Eventually true to form my ex moved in a boyfriend and fell pregnant but at the divorce proceedings failed to inform the judge so she got everything because I left.

Luckily I met someone who I am still with after all these years and I moved in with her.

During this time she continually held the kids to ransom not letting me see them over the Christmas because she believed she was not getting enough money but could I get any help no! All I kept getting from the CSA pay for the child’s sake think of the children.

In 2002 she lost custody of my children and the one she had with the other boyfriend. She failed to return the Child benefit for 3 months did not pay any CSA and was behind with the Mortgage and was trying to get me to pay for that too!!

For over 8 years we had those children and never once received a penny from her. We still had phone calls from the CSA trying to extract money from us even though we had custody. She lost the house a little time after that and even then I got stiffed with half the arrears even though I had the children and the divorce court said I should not have to pay anything else but lo and behold the judge felt sorry for her and I paid half her arrears and the house was sold and I received a paltry 60%  of the value minus the £2000.00 I had to pay in arrears so in fact I lost more by going to court than if I had received the 33% I originally was eligible for. She even tried to fix that too by selling the house cheaply so she could stay in the house but that fell through when the person who she sold the house to moved their daughter in after saying they were going to do it up.

During this period she was actually working but as soon as the CSA contacted her and told her she would have a detachment of earnings she gave up work citing the fact she had to have the children for 2 weeks over the school holidays as she had already had a holiday in France the two weeks before!!! Well the debt stayed there £1196.00 for the whole 8 years never once did they collect a penny, just sending us letters and promising to deal with it. She had told the CSA that she had no income so should not pay anything and the fact she was nil assessed meant we would get nothing. We sent them proof of her working from her own Facebook page but they could not accept this as proof her excuse was she was living on friends and family.

We are now in 2016 and the youngest child went back to live with her 3 years ago after being promised all sorts but she has actually destroyed his education, moved him from his school to another one, her got expelled then moved him to another school all this during the most important years of his education. Of course she applied to the CSA to claim her dues!!!! Well we refused to pay her anything until at least the debt she owed was cleared. It took several letters to my MP and to the head of the CSA when they finally agreed to Offset the debt against her payment. This was going fine until July 2013 when they stopped, we continued to pay the amount required weekly without paying the arrears, because as far as we were concerned this would be cleared with the arrears she owed but oh no the CSA only moved both the arrears and the amount owed to the new system and guess what they want to make a payment plan for me and my ex as she will not accept that the arrears should be offset

And that is where we are today they are ringing us and telling us to pay and she is ringing them telling them she wants the money. I have contacted my new M.P. to enrich her life and questioned why the Tax payer has to put up with all this double dealing. My son is suffering from depression now because she will not allow him to see his Dad even though he is 18 years old he was told to chose between his Mother and Father, plus she wants to keep getting money, which will never be enough, he had to go to college to get his Maths and English as he failed all his exams, no surprise there, but now I am having to pay for him to go to college to compensate for this. I do not mind that so much but want to know why the CSA still expect him to continue paying for the higher level course he has supposed to get into for Music. I find this a little surprising as he only did music for a year and there was no place for him for the second year and according to their entrance requirements, he needs at least 5 A-C grades and pass an audition to get this but he certainly does not have 5 A-C grades in fact I’m not even sure he has passed his Maths and English yet either. Either way this case has dragged on and on and on in her favour all this time not once has anyone thought of the effect it is actually having or had on the children themselves. My eldest finished his schooling with me and went to college and is doing very well. He told his Mother that as she never paid anything during there stay with  me why should she expect payment for the youngest but money is her God and the CSA are the tool she is using to extract it. When will there be any equality and justice!!!Anyway new system is a joke and they do not listen to anything you have to say, so be warned same organisation just less understanding people.

What sum would we be paying if we went through CSA?

March 16, 2016

My partner has a nearly 4 year old daughter with his ex and the mother his her main carer , they have an agreement of 100a month for his daughter. Me and my partner now have a son together who lives with us, my partner is self employed he roughly gets 600-700 a week roughly, his daughter also stays with us Friday and Saturday nights and all day Sunday every other weekend , how much roughly would he have to pay his ex for his daughter if we went down the Csa route ??

Benefit fraud ex is trying to scam me and CMS again

March 15, 2016

I have a 17 year old son who lives with his mother and up until christmas 2015 was attending a music college. He decided to leave college and did not return there in January and has not been back since.

I informed the Child Maintenance service of this in January 2016 and requested a reconsideration for child maintenance which they said they would do. I spoke to the college on February 8th and they confirmed my son was no longer there but would only issue a letter confirming this to my sons home address. I informed CMS of this and requested they contact my ex and ask for this letter. They called her numerous times but got no reply. On 29 Feb 2016 my payment was due, I chose to withold payment to my ex so she would contact CMS, I informed CMS of my action and gave explanation as to why. I also told them that when she calls they need to ask for written proof that my son is attending college just as they have asked me to provide proof that he is not, which I cannot obtain due to confidentiality policy of the college. My ex called CMS on 10th March and told them my son was at college and they have accepted this and informed me that I have to pay. I asked them if she has provided written proof my son attends and they have told me she has not and was not asked for this.

I explained to them that 2-3 years ago my ex did this with my older son and I paid for 9 months, when found out she was falsly claiming she was caught for benefit fraud. I have spoken to CMS every week since January 2016 and seem to be getting nowhere can you help ??

CSA slap me with a bill even though they know I’m struggling

March 14, 2016

I have been paying CSA since 2012 . since then i have been travelling to london from bristol every fornight by car to see my daughters in a contact centre for a supervised contact 40 pounds a session because of the lies she told . in october 2014 i lost my main contractor . i payed for 6 months from my savings even though i didnt have a job so it look good in court to keep getting contact. for after 6 months i stop paying and started agency work it is not stable i explained this to them last year that its not stable it goes on bills. they ask me why dont i seek some kind of benefit i explained to them im not entitles because no public funds is my visa conditions . now they send me a letter saying i owe 2700. now they sending me a form of how much petrol i use to pay to go to london and all this nonsense . why didnt they send this in the beginning when i told them im struggling? so i want to know what to do becasue i dont have 2700 sitting on. feel like just leaving the country all together to be honest.

Will CSA see overtime as part of my income?

March 12, 2016

I’m paying a bit extra than what csa said to pay, now my ex stopped me seeing my son because i was 3 days late in paying her and told csa that i have other income where I’m do not.

csa called me to do a payment review but i told them to call next week as im away.

can they take my overtime into account? ( i have been doing a lot of overtime, now i don’t see my son anymore)

Ex has emigrated and CSA won’t believe it despite being told by us both

March 11, 2016

My ex has emigrated to USA. She has informed CSA of this as so have I. She told them once she gets settled she will use a us phone to contact them as her phone will not work. 2 months I have being trying to get my closed as she is out of duristriction. 1stcase worker informed me that the have information that suggests she is out of the country and they are just trying to determine the fate she left. I called for a update only to find out I shouldn’t of been told that as some information points to her coming back. I ask for it to be re investigated of which they obliged. Second case worker informed me that the case would defiantly be closed as there was more evidence she was out of duristriction and guess what he called me back to inform me that council tax and child benefit was still I place so this suggest she is still habitually resident. The class temporary out of the country as 12 month even though I know she has left for good with only a few visits a year back to the uk. They say because council tax is I place for the NRP. She is still habitually resident of the country. I don’t know we’re to turn with this.

Can CSA come back to bite me as I have no current income?

March 10, 2016

Hi. Got an issue. Split with cheating,violent ex of 10 years last year. Both of us have new partners. Over the 10 years we were together I did everything and I mean everyone – cooking, cleaning, homework, school and club runs, bedtime stories, and held down a 24/7/365 job as I was self employed. My ex did nothing! During that time she had at least 750k spent on her. Nice home, kids in private school, as much money as she wanted to spend on whatever, I even bought her a new Porsche.

Anyway, we split because she was cheating and she took the 2 kids. The house was sold and she took half the equity 90k. We was never married and she didn’t pay for anything but I stupidly put her name on the mortgage. When’s he left, I lost my Mrs, kids, house and job as it was linked to the family home. I’m now jobless, living at my mums, and living off the 90k I have. I pay 140 a month via direct debit for a school club. I have payed for school uniforms, given the ex a couple of grand in dribs and drabs, and spend at least 400 on the kids every time I see them.

The ex meanwhile uses the kids as a weapon against me, stating I can only see the kids as and when I pay her money. When I do, I see the kids on average once every 2-3 weeks, and complete all their school clubs, homework etc. The ex has again assaulted me during one of the kids handover and I am now doing her for abh. In the meantime, the ex has said she is emigrating, my kids at being adopted, and I am never seeing them again, unless I pay her 6k a year out of the savings I have.

I have sought legal advice and the solicitor stated that no person can claim child support from another from savings, donations, or winnings, only income – now although I believe this to be true, my query is this – if i give my ex the finger, and don’t pay anything, can I be stung in the future for back payments from the csa considering I only have savings and not income? I’m not claiming any kind of jsa and am completely self sufficient. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in giving money to the kids, but not the ex, especially when considering I paid for everything, did everything, and she has just had 90k in cash out of me? Should I pay? Do I have to pay back pay via the csa?

Any feedback would be helpful – this woman is a complete cotdeath control freak and doesn’t deserve the steam off my wee let alone any more cash. My kids deserve to know their dad, and enjoy spending time with me, so how is the best way to keep this relationship with them going? Thanks for listening 🙂

Ex denying me access to kids because I’m in a new relationship

March 9, 2016

My name is Mike I have been seperated now from my wife for over 2 years I was a single Dad for 2 years and seeing my children almost everyday I have always done what was right by them and my Ex including child maintenance but last august I met a girl who now I am currently in a relationship with she has 2 children but my Ex has found out about it and now my kids are telling me that they hate me coz I left them for this girl which was not true but now I’ve not seen them for over 2 months now and is really hurting she keeps telling me I am not welcome anywhere near her house so cannot have access to see my children I don’t know what to do now and I am still paying child maintenance aswell as a car loan that I bought her before we split any advise please thank you.

Can I reclaim overpaid CSA payments?

March 8, 2016

I’m self emploid and when i sold my business till i opened my new business i dint claim income support now CSA saying i how to pay 70 pounds a week maintinens for weeks that i havint worked is that right?  all so i believe i over paid CSA past years can i reclaim or ask for re adjustment ?

they are tellin me that i owe them money wich is miscalculations by them when i ask them to correct it telling me they can’t do that and still demanding that money if i take this matter to my solicitors whats my chance is are to win agains CSA ?

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