Benefit fraud ex is trying to scam me and CMS again

March 15, 2016

I have a 17 year old son who lives with his mother and up until christmas 2015 was attending a music college. He decided to leave college and did not return there in January and has not been back since.

I informed the Child Maintenance service of this in January 2016 and requested a reconsideration for child maintenance which they said they would do. I spoke to the college on February 8th and they confirmed my son was no longer there but would only issue a letter confirming this to my sons home address. I informed CMS of this and requested they contact my ex and ask for this letter. They called her numerous times but got no reply. On 29 Feb 2016 my payment was due, I chose to withold payment to my ex so she would contact CMS, I informed CMS of my action and gave explanation as to why. I also told them that when she calls they need to ask for written proof that my son is attending college just as they have asked me to provide proof that he is not, which I cannot obtain due to confidentiality policy of the college. My ex called CMS on 10th March and told them my son was at college and they have accepted this and informed me that I have to pay. I asked them if she has provided written proof my son attends and they have told me she has not and was not asked for this.

I explained to them that 2-3 years ago my ex did this with my older son and I paid for 9 months, when found out she was falsly claiming she was caught for benefit fraud. I have spoken to CMS every week since January 2016 and seem to be getting nowhere can you help ??


  • lisa green says:

    Myself & husband are going through the exact same with his ex. CSA have said we owe £7500+ in arrears. Yes some is arrears from before he met me but his ex is stating both there children (now 21 & 20) were in full time education but they weren’t! they dropped out of collage after 1 month & the other never turned up! We don’t know where we stand or how to prove it.

  • Dean says:

    I had to ask my son to go to the college and collect a letter stating he did not attend and then send it to child maintenance service. My son was ok with it as he knows she had tried it before with my older son. Just waiting to hear from cma .
    I spoke to a manager and started quoting the Convention of human rights, there are a number of “articles ” within it that apply and I threatened to take them to court .
    It is very difficult as you need written proof yet an ex does not !!! Can you contact the college that they supposedly went to and request a letter ?? Csa only checks if child benefit is being paid, but you could ask them to contact the ex and request written confirmation from college. I told them I was happy to go to court because the court can demand written proof. It’s not very nice, but as quoted in Convention of human rights ” It is the accuser who has to provide proof not the one who denies ” this is standard in both criminal and civil law.

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