Ex denying me access to kids because I’m in a new relationship

March 9, 2016

My name is Mike I have been seperated now from my wife for over 2 years I was a single Dad for 2 years and seeing my children almost everyday I have always done what was right by them and my Ex including child maintenance but last august I met a girl who now I am currently in a relationship with she has 2 children but my Ex has found out about it and now my kids are telling me that they hate me coz I left them for this girl which was not true but now I’ve not seen them for over 2 months now and is really hurting she keeps telling me I am not welcome anywhere near her house so cannot have access to see my children I don’t know what to do now and I am still paying child maintenance aswell as a car loan that I bought her before we split any advise please thank you.


  • Iain says:

    First off Mike.

    Apply for a contact order from the Court.

    Secondly, stop being a nice guy. I’m generalising perhaps but women tend to get crazy when you do something as selfish as, say, start getting on with your own life.

    I’ve had a similar situation since I left my wife in 2013. Ex prevented me from seeing my daughter. I got a contact order from the Court giving me every weekend, school holidays and any other time arranged between myself and the ex.

    When I remarried and my ex found out, she’s moved to the other end of the country and not let me speak with my daughter again…going back to court at the end of this month….

    It’s a real shame that your ex is behaving like this but it’s time for you to be a bit selfish. Stop playing nice, otherwise you won’t be seeing your child again. Keep all communications with your ex. Apply for the Court order. Family court judges are reasonable people and will never deny you contact with your child (unless there was very good reason)

    I hope all works out for you mate.

  • Iain says:

    If the car is in your name also, it’s time to take that back or transfer the loan to your ex.

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