Son has dropped out of education but CSA says I still have to pay

March 7, 2016

I have an attachment of earnings of 250 pounds a month this includes arrears of 50 pounds, my son is 18 in june2016, he dropped out of education in sept 2014 and a year later {sept 2015) started a course in collage,which I have good reason  to believe he does not attend any more and has not done for the past few months.the csa say that I still have to pay until he s 20 even though hes not been in education since 2014and I also owe arrears of approx. 1500 pounds.

Should I alter my payments as daughter comes to stay with me?

March 6, 2016

I pay for my daughter £100 a month direct to her mum and pay £20 a week for school meals. My Daughter comes to stay with myself and my partner from Thursday to Sunday evening. During the half term my Daughter stays with me for the whole week. I made a £20 deduction to the £100 I give to my daughters mum. My Daughters mum lives with her partner and they split the cost of living. Should I make this deduction? I do not see why I should contribute to her cost of living when she is not there and I am paying for her. Please advise.

Can CSA phone my son to confirm living arrangements?

March 5, 2016

Im still receiving £180 from my ex for my 19 year old son, who is repeating A Levels.  I provide full financial support for everything else. My ex doesnt want to pay any more and is telling CSA that my son stays with him more nights than hes with me. Truth is hes 19 and is mostly with me but stays with girlfriend/friends occasionally at wkends.  CSA say they will phone my son and ask him to confirm nights. My ex offering to pay my son to say hes with him mostly. I only work part time and need this meagre pymt. Can CSA phone my son?

CSA took a large sum of money without warning now we face losing our home

March 4, 2016

My husband and I have been married for 8 years, together for 15 and have 3 children together. He had an affair and consequently has an illegitimate child who is nearly 4. The woman he was seeing was blackmailing him for the first couple of years for money ( I didn’t know about the child until 18 months ago) and when I found out, I (stupidly) told him to go through csa.

His payments are worked out at over £200 a month- his wages support our family of 5 and I’m a part time worker as I’m a full time student. Knowing we couldn’t afford this money, in June last year, I contacted her and asked her to consider £150 a month instead. She said she will think about it. We never heard another thing so started paying £150 instead of the £130 we were previously paying. Next thing we hear, this month, my husband has had over £400 taken from his wage without any prior notice! He contacted csa and they said its for arrears that have built up as we haven’t been paying. They also said they wrote to us in December. We never received this. We are now facing losing our house and all because of a stupid mistake.

I’m feeling the pinch thanks to lying ex

March 3, 2016

7 years ago, I started a relationship with a girl I used to work with. We were together for about 3 weeks. After we had stopped seeing each other, the girl in.question told me she was pregnant. It wasn’t well received news, as the girl in question had told me on several occasions she couldn’t conceive. We fell out.

Fast forward to 9 months later, I had found another girlfriend at this point, my now long term girlfriend of 6 years, letter through the door, you’re the father of anon boy. DNA test done (£400!) and £173.00 out of my already crap wage.

7 years later, and me and my serious girlfriend, now fiance, have our own house mortgage, bills and want to start our own family. Our cashflow situation is dire, we scrape each month to make ends meet. I don’t see my ‘son’ and feel absolutely nothing but hatred towards the lying girl who gave birth to him. A lie that has cost me thousands of pounds and had a serious detrimental effect on my current relationship. I feel like I have been sentenced without a fair trial. I hate how there isn’t any other outcome than “you’re the father,you pay” The girl in question knew my first name and surname and that was it. I feel for every single person who has to pay this seemingly unjust tax. But I’m just an absent Father, what do I know?

CMS are making my children wait for financial support from their dad

March 2, 2016

I contacted csa on 23rd of december regarding my ex partner not paying maintence towards our 2 children i was given contact details for the child maintenece agency who assured me this would be dealt with within 3 weeks still have had no response, i rang again last week and was told i would be contacted within 24 hours but still no contact.  I now have proof my ex is working so i rabg back today and was then told i had to ring back csa and end the current file and that i couldnt open another case for 13 weeks.  I am disgusted that i have been treated like this and thrown back and forth and still my children are not getting any finacial support from their dad.

CSA hit me hard because of business expenses

March 1, 2016

Last year, I received a letter from the CSA saying my case had been reviewed and I need to start paying 300+ per month.

I was kind if astounded as the calculated I was earning 600 per week or something.  I run my own limited company and more often than not, I was paying business expenses personally – then reimbursing myself at the end of the month.  It kept things easy for me in managing the company account.  However when filing my P11d form I put down honestly what personal expenses I had reimbursed.

The CSA then took a figure from HMRC – bearing in mind that these expenses are not actually earnings and added that to my salary and dividends.

I countlessly tried to explain and basically was told – its the figure from HMRC, its correct, you owe.  Naturally I appealed, and it was about to go to tribunal but their argument was that how can I afford to pay 30000 in expenses (before anyone jumps down my throat, I travel extensively for my work so airfares and hotels wrack up the expenses)

In short – anyone going down the limited company route – make sure any expenses are paid through the company…personally paying then reimbursing to the CSA is classed as earnings and they will hit you for it.

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