CSA slap me with a bill even though they know I’m struggling

March 14, 2016

I have been paying CSA since 2012 . since then i have been travelling to london from bristol every fornight by car to see my daughters in a contact centre for a supervised contact 40 pounds a session because of the lies she told . in october 2014 i lost my main contractor . i payed for 6 months from my savings even though i didnt have a job so it look good in court to keep getting contact. for after 6 months i stop paying and started agency work it is not stable i explained this to them last year that its not stable it goes on bills. they ask me why dont i seek some kind of benefit i explained to them im not entitles because no public funds is my visa conditions . now they send me a letter saying i owe 2700. now they sending me a form of how much petrol i use to pay to go to london and all this nonsense . why didnt they send this in the beginning when i told them im struggling? so i want to know what to do becasue i dont have 2700 sitting on. feel like just leaving the country all together to be honest.