Can CSA come back to bite me as I have no current income?

March 10, 2016

Hi. Got an issue. Split with cheating,violent ex of 10 years last year. Both of us have new partners. Over the 10 years we were together I did everything and I mean everyone – cooking, cleaning, homework, school and club runs, bedtime stories, and held down a 24/7/365 job as I was self employed. My ex did nothing! During that time she had at least 750k spent on her. Nice home, kids in private school, as much money as she wanted to spend on whatever, I even bought her a new Porsche.

Anyway, we split because she was cheating and she took the 2 kids. The house was sold and she took half the equity 90k. We was never married and she didn’t pay for anything but I stupidly put her name on the mortgage. When’s he left, I lost my Mrs, kids, house and job as it was linked to the family home. I’m now jobless, living at my mums, and living off the 90k I have. I pay 140 a month via direct debit for a school club. I have payed for school uniforms, given the ex a couple of grand in dribs and drabs, and spend at least 400 on the kids every time I see them.

The ex meanwhile uses the kids as a weapon against me, stating I can only see the kids as and when I pay her money. When I do, I see the kids on average once every 2-3 weeks, and complete all their school clubs, homework etc. The ex has again assaulted me during one of the kids handover and I am now doing her for abh. In the meantime, the ex has said she is emigrating, my kids at being adopted, and I am never seeing them again, unless I pay her 6k a year out of the savings I have.

I have sought legal advice and the solicitor stated that no person can claim child support from another from savings, donations, or winnings, only income – now although I believe this to be true, my query is this – if i give my ex the finger, and don’t pay anything, can I be stung in the future for back payments from the csa considering I only have savings and not income? I’m not claiming any kind of jsa and am completely self sufficient. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in giving money to the kids, but not the ex, especially when considering I paid for everything, did everything, and she has just had 90k in cash out of me? Should I pay? Do I have to pay back pay via the csa?

Any feedback would be helpful – this woman is a complete cotdeath control freak and doesn’t deserve the steam off my wee let alone any more cash. My kids deserve to know their dad, and enjoy spending time with me, so how is the best way to keep this relationship with them going? Thanks for listening 🙂