My Ex shouldn’t even be in the UK, never mind using the CSA

March 18, 2016

I had a case opened up by my ex. We had a family based arrangement. However, she decided this wasn’t working for her so decided to contact CMS.

They assessed that I should be paying considerably less than I was paying (which made me laugh). However for a case that was opened in February this year and with an assessment of 13.96 per week, the CSA through their wisdom have also said that I am 328 pounds in arrears?????!?!

I called and asked how this is even mathematically possible and no agent could answer. I have written to them to ask an explanation but heard nothing to date.

As things transpired it would appear my ex has no legal right to be in the UK as her visa is up for curtailment as of January 2015. Does anyone know if this case should now be closed as the applicant really has no right to be in the UK.