Can I reclaim overpaid CSA payments?

March 8, 2016

I’m self emploid and when i sold my business till i opened my new business i dint claim income support now CSA saying i how to pay 70 pounds a week maintinens for weeks that i havint worked is that right?  all so i believe i over paid CSA past years can i reclaim or ask for re adjustment ?

they are tellin me that i owe them money wich is miscalculations by them when i ask them to correct it telling me they can’t do that and still demanding that money if i take this matter to my solicitors whats my chance is are to win agains CSA ?


  • Izzy says:

    In this instance, you should have informed the CSA you were stopping work and what day.

    If you send them in a P45 then your assessment would be ‘nil’.

    At least, this is the information they have given me and what I have done. I’ll wager that this isn’t the case.

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