Ex has emigrated and CSA won’t believe it despite being told by us both

March 11, 2016

My ex has emigrated to USA. She has informed CSA of this as so have I. She told them once she gets settled she will use a us phone to contact them as her phone will not work. 2 months I have being trying to get my closed as she is out of duristriction. 1stcase worker informed me that the have information that suggests she is out of the country and they are just trying to determine the fate she left. I called for a update only to find out I shouldn’t of been told that as some information points to her coming back. I ask for it to be re investigated of which they obliged. Second case worker informed me that the case would defiantly be closed as there was more evidence she was out of duristriction and guess what he called me back to inform me that council tax and child benefit was still I place so this suggest she is still habitually resident. The class temporary out of the country as 12 month even though I know she has left for good with only a few visits a year back to the uk. They say because council tax is I place for the NRP. She is still habitually resident of the country. I don’t know we’re to turn with this.