Do I pay CSA if I live outside the UK and work for a company based in the Middle East?

June 27, 2012

Support going up by 3.

I split with my ex 7 years ago. since then I have paid support every month.

I am now married and have two children with my wife.

My ex has now got a solicitor involved, She wants 15% of my salary or £600 per month.

I earn just over £5000 per month. I think £600 for 1 nine year old is way too much. If I knew the money would be spent on my daughter I wouldnt hesitate it to pay it. However I know that Read more

Who do the CSA answer to?

June 27, 2012

The CSA appear to be completely untouchable and beyond reproach.

They take whatever wages they like via a DEO even illegally making absent parents’ lives a misery, often forcing them to quit there jobs or even commit suicide. They blatantly lie to you when you phone them telling you it will take 12 weeks to sort their mistakes out which is what they have been telling me for three and a half years despite acknowledging and agreeing I have been over-paying.

So, who exactly do the CSA answer to and who do you really need to speak to actually make things happen?

Do you live in Devon and are fighting the Child Support Agency?

June 26, 2012

We’ve had an appeal from BBC Radio Devon. They want to hear from people in Devon who have been having trouble with the Child Support Agency. If you live in Devon and the CSA has been ruining your life, get in touch with Kirk England from BBC Radio Devon now and your story could be featured on the radio. They want to run the feature this week, so get in touch before Friday June 29th.

Over to Kirk England from BBC Radio Devon –

I’m researching a story on the work of the Child Support Agency for BBC Radio Devon.

I’m interested in several issues – including people being disqualified from driving OR facing jail – because of a dispute over late child maintenance payments.

Are you in Devon and have been affected by this …?

Perhaps you are in a dispute with the CSA over outstanding payments …?

If you are happy to speak to BBC Radio Devon please get in touch.

We need to hear from people as soon as possible as this story is for broadcast on Friday 29th June 2012.

Many thanks

Kirk England
BBC Radio Devon
07968 127 801
[email protected]

I didn’t think the CSA were that bad, until I experienced it for myself

June 26, 2012

I used to read peoples tales about former partners and the CSA with disbelief, unfortunately i discovered it to be very real indeed.

Not to bore you all with too much detail , my partner and mother of my three small boys decided to up and leave for a former school friend she contacted through some internet book thingy everyone seems to be on these days. having been together for 12 years without any apparent problems and also having been partners in business for all that time you could say this came as a bit of shock. Nearly 3 years down the line and , boy ,have i learnt some things.If this story from now seems to turn a bit darker i apoligise in advance and let me be clear, i am not a woman hater, just still get a bit upset and start to say what i really think, sorry.

to start , she took my children out of their village school and moved in with him,110 miles away .his wife had died from cancer 5 weeks prior but i now suspect they had Read more

No DEO because ex’s employers refused the CSA

June 26, 2012

I really dont know why i bother with the CSA, they are useless.

Me and my ex broke up in may 2011 and i took our daughter who is now 2, with me into a hostel for 13 weeks.

He didnt pay anything towards his daughter and when he did buy her stuff like nappies and babywipes he brought the morrisons own ones and made her have really bad nappy rash. He sees our daughter every fortnight but has decided he doesnt want our daughter overnight because it affects his social life!!! how is that fair???

When i decided to go to the CSA i got a load of abuse from him, saying that they will never catch him, he was working and earning £175p/w. As soon as the CSA contacted him, he quit Read more

Assaulted by ex – I do not want his money or to see him

June 26, 2012

Hello, need a wee help.

Me and my son’s father split when my son was 2 days old.

He has never had regular contact and for the first 6 month he chose when and if he seen him. I stopped contact due to violence against me infront of my son.

We have been going through the courts for 2 years now and it is soon coming to a close, but I do not know what to expect.

For the first year I agreed to a contact centre due to the violence, but contact at the centre was stopped as I was assaulted by him again.

He has only ever payed CSA money when we are arranging to go to court, although I do not want his money.

I have been informed he has been attencing alcoholics annonymous and anger management classes, although I am not convinced. Anybody know what to expect in our next court appearence?


How do I get my ex to pay more?

June 25, 2012

My name is Emilia.I have 4 year old daughter. Her dad is not seeing her at all. He didnt want me to have this baby so we had lot of problems about it.

He is paying some maintenance. I asked him for bit more money as im financial unstable since my company has reduced my workin hrs. He is just about to start a new family and he said he will stop paying at all coz he doesnt want to has anything to do with us. I dont know his adress. I can only contact him via email.

How i can arrenge a maintenance for our daughter. He is on very good money. It’s about £3000 a month when im on £478 a month.

What should i do first to make sure he wont stop paying? Where to go or who to ring?

Many thanks for reply

Can I buy son clothes instead of paying CSA?

June 25, 2012

I have been married for 5 years and my wife wants to split as she doesn’t love me. She has just finished her training in the RAF and has even been given a 3 bedroom house.

I have let her have custody of our 4 year old boy but I was wondering is it possible instead of paying child maintance if I could buy our son clothes and stuff Instead or even refuse the payments by how much I spend on him?

Can the CSA take most of my sick pay?

June 25, 2012

Hi i was wanting some help.

I got a phone call from the csa today saying i have to pay them some money. They said i have to pay £29 a week, so i said ok then once i give them my bank details they turned round and said “but we wont take that at first we will take £49 and £28 arrears a week”.

I’m on long term sick at the min and i do get a uplift with my money from my employer, i get £220 a week, but i have a kid who lives with me and i pay full rent and every thing else and because I’ve been on the sick since last year im struggling with rent and bills as it is.

Can they take that much when im struggling???

Boyfriend fathered child with another woman, does he have to pay CSA?

June 24, 2012

My douche bag (!) of a boyfriend had an affair with another woman who stopped taking the pill (although he was not aware of this) and has, like she planned, fallen pregnant.

She won’t get an abortion, he wants no involvement with it (at the moment), where does he stand in terms of paying her support?

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