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Can the CSA take most of my sick pay?

Hi i was wanting some help.

I got a phone call from the csa today saying i have to pay them some money. They said i have to pay £29 a week, so i said ok then once i give them my bank details they turned round and said “but we wont take that at first we will take £49 and £28 arrears a week”.

I’m on long term sick at the min and i do get a uplift with my money from my employer, i get £220 a week, but i have a kid who lives with me and i pay full rent and every thing else and because I’ve been on the sick since last year im struggling with rent and bills as it is.

Can they take that much when im struggling???

3 thoughts on “Can the CSA take most of my sick pay?

  1. It depends if it’s contractual or statutory.

    Contractual pay, the amount that you are paid is determined by your contract with your employer.
    Statutory pay is a minimum amount of money to which you are entitled by law.
    Contractual pay is usually higher than statutory pay. If you are receiving contractual pay in these circumstances, the deduction cannot be so high that it eats into your statutory pay.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  2. Perhaps you should stop being so selfish and think about the other parent. Stop being so ‘woe is me’ and think that the other parent may be struggling too.

  3. My partner is currently off of work and all he gets is 350 £ a month however he got a order of child maintance services and when he told them he cant afford to pay issued of them 40 procent of his salary they turned around and say they dont care and they want the money cant they take most of his sick pay when we struggle pay bills

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