CSA Complaints

I didn’t think the CSA were that bad, until I experienced it for myself

I used to read peoples tales about former partners and the CSA with disbelief, unfortunately i discovered it to be very real indeed.

Not to bore you all with too much detail , my partner and mother of my three small boys decided to up and leave for a former school friend she contacted through some internet book thingy everyone seems to be on these days. having been together for 12 years without any apparent problems and also having been partners in business for all that time you could say this came as a bit of shock. Nearly 3 years down the line and , boy ,have i learnt some things.If this story from now seems to turn a bit darker i apoligise in advance and let me be clear, i am not a woman hater, just still get a bit upset and start to say what i really think, sorry.

to start , she took my children out of their village school and moved in with him,110 miles away .his wife had died from cancer 5 weeks prior but i now suspect they had been seeing each other for a while,i worked away during the week at our business, to which she had total financial control.sorry, rambling !!!

she demanded a huge financial payout to kick start their life together or she would not let me see my children. now i’m no lawyer but i know no one can stop you seeing your kids.Turns out the guy is unemployed and has not held a proper job since leaving school 25 years ago,also turns out she spent the last 18 months we were together putting large amounts of money into different personal accounts leaving me with debts currently running at well over 100 grand and rising . business closed , workers lost their jobs. she then goes to the csa when i tell her that i will never give her and her convicted thief boyfriend a penny.

(They then went and stripped our house of anything they could carry, nice girl ).

Anyway ,the advice is,the csa are mostly just bullies on the end of a phone,do not be intimidated,they are public servants working at the DWP , you the tax payer pay their salaries, they must treat you respectfully,you are not obliged to return the compliment.they work to a set of very unfair rules and will not deiviate from them , don’t waste your time communicating with them,out wit them,talk to your employer,relatives etc,there are ways.they have a DEO on my wages , she gets £51 a week , she won’t get fat on that but my kids get everything they need when they are with me,Secondly,get a contact order from the family courts,it will spell out when you will have your children so your child maintinance will be easier to budget,if she repeatedley breaches the order they will threaten her with prison,that usually does the trick. It will cost you £175,you don’t need a brief,just go along and tell them what you would like,they listen and they seem fair.

Lastly, keep your dignaitey, if you can’t communicate without it turning nasty, don’t communicate. Don’t do your dirty laundry on twitface or whatever, keep your chin up, get your facts perfect, and let the bullies at the csa take you to court if you know they are wrong. NO ONE CAN STOP YOU SEEING YOUR KIDS FOR MONETRY REASONS.

Be clever and strong.

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