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Can I buy son clothes instead of paying CSA?

I have been married for 5 years and my wife wants to split as she doesn’t love me. She has just finished her training in the RAF and has even been given a 3 bedroom house.

I have let her have custody of our 4 year old boy but I was wondering is it possible instead of paying child maintance if I could buy our son clothes and stuff Instead or even refuse the payments by how much I spend on him?

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  1. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but money counts with the CSA.You will have to pay a set amount to the PWC every month until the child is 19 years old or when they straight work,whichever comes first.You will not be able to refuse because if you dont pay,arrears will incurr and they can and will take the money from your wages.Try and come to a suitable payment plan with your ex,pay in through a bank so it shows on your statement,dont give cash ever because the CSA will only make you pay again.Next year the CSA want the PWC and the NRP to come to an arrangement outside the CSA if possible.If you go through the CSA you will pay more and the PWC will recieve less money.Buying clothes and presents dont count ib CS .

  2. Gary,

    If you can manage to have an agreement between yourselves, rather than involving the CSA, then you can work together to make an arrangement between yourselves that suits your own circumstances.
    You could agree on an amount and how often payments are paid or received, and you can choose to include other kinds of support, for example, providing clothes etc.

    You could find this link helpful

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  3. No if the CSA are involved. They see it if you are buying items that it is your choice to do so.

    As Alice says they want cash and that is it.

  4. You would be far better off sitting down with your ex and setting up a private arrangement.
    After all, there are no guarantees with an armed forces career and she may have to go abroad with her role occasionally. I assume you will want to take care of your son when this happens so an amicable arrangement will be needed.

    Good Luck

  5. Oh wow…wouldn’t it be just heaven if us NRP’s could simply do as you suggest..sadly “not on your nelly” sadly even more for you is if your ex gets these animals involved you are gonna get we’ll and truly shafted by them.
    Far far better if you can arrange something between yourselfs …..beg your ex if you have to,plead with her NOT to get the csa involved..these vultures will pick every inch of flesh from your bones and when that’s not enough will go for other means of getting cash out of you…I hear so many horror stories on here about them..the lies,the making up of arreas., the accumulation of rears that lthey don’t tell you about until it’s ripe enough to pick in order to take you to court and force you to sell your home as well.

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