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How do I get my ex to pay more?

My name is Emilia.I have 4 year old daughter. Her dad is not seeing her at all. He didnt want me to have this baby so we had lot of problems about it.

He is paying some maintenance. I asked him for bit more money as im financial unstable since my company has reduced my workin hrs. He is just about to start a new family and he said he will stop paying at all coz he doesnt want to has anything to do with us. I dont know his adress. I can only contact him via email.

How i can arrenge a maintenance for our daughter. He is on very good money. It’s about £3000 a month when im on £478 a month.

What should i do first to make sure he wont stop paying? Where to go or who to ring?

Many thanks for reply

2 thoughts on “How do I get my ex to pay more?

  1. Ring the CSA straight away,I think to speed things up you will need to know where he lives and where he works.If you dont want to ring, write to them requesting an application form,then you can fill it in with any details you might know.Dont give up if you find it is taking too long ,write and get them to give updates,The NRP should help you with CS.If you know he is about to start a 2nd family then you must be getting some information along the way,Some NRP’s pay too much and some PWC dont get enough but hopefully in the end you will get payment for your child.

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