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No DEO because ex’s employers refused the CSA

I really dont know why i bother with the CSA, they are useless.

Me and my ex broke up in may 2011 and i took our daughter who is now 2, with me into a hostel for 13 weeks.

He didnt pay anything towards his daughter and when he did buy her stuff like nappies and babywipes he brought the morrisons own ones and made her have really bad nappy rash. He sees our daughter every fortnight but has decided he doesnt want our daughter overnight because it affects his social life!!! how is that fair???

When i decided to go to the CSA i got a load of abuse from him, saying that they will never catch him, he was working and earning £175p/w. As soon as the CSA contacted him, he quit his job the same day and went on JSA.

It took the CSA 13 weeks do an assessment for JSA leading to 5p/w he had to pay. he then refused to pay it and got in £60 arrears, then they decided to go straight to his JSA and collect it from them, that took another 13 weeks. by then i hadnt received any payments at all from may 2011 to december 2011. i finally started to receive some paymetns of £5p/w up until 14 weeks ago. when he rang up and sed he is working.

Since then i havent recieved any payments from him because his place of work are apparently ‘refusing to give the CSA his employment details’.

I have been promised phone calls back and when i dont, i ring them on my mobile and spend ages on the phone as i cant afford a house phone to ring them on. and my phone bills are supposed to be £10 a month and coming in at £60 a month instead!

Why are they not being tougher on ABSENT PARENTS!! My mother is the same, she refuses to pay for her kids but that another long story!!!!

2 thoughts on “No DEO because ex’s employers refused the CSA

  1. The CSA have to prove to the employer that your ex is the liable person before putting the DEO in place. Maybe the CSA have got their records wrong and the employer is querying it.

    The CSA are hopeless at returning calls. Do you have an appointed caseworker to help you so you only have one point of contact?

  2. Stefanie,

    If the info is not forthcoming from the employer either by phone call or the relevant forms, the next step is an inspector should be assigned, at which point the employer will become legally obligated to supply such to the CSA.

    You could try sending the agency an email, follow the link OR writing to them, keep copies of all correspondence and post signed for.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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