Do we have to pay for child while he is in apprenticeship scheme?

June 24, 2012

If my husband’s son is just starting a full time job in a trade learning to be a instrument tech, do we still have to pay for him until he is 19?

The reason i am asking is the first year of this job is a years college course… he will be being payed by his employer for this course and the last two years is based in the place of work??

We are in scotland.

I look after my granddaughter and neither parents pays CSA what they should

June 24, 2012

I have a residence order for my grandson. Both his mother and father are liable for maintainance. His father pays £300 pcm and his mother has just set up a new business so her wages are calculated monthly. £39 pcm so far.

She has now spoke to the csa and as they have no cases of both parents been absent, they sugest a fifty fifty split. This now means he pays £150pcm and she pays £20pcm. Hows that for justice???? Win win for both parents. Well done csa.

My letter to Judge Wilson Portsmouth

June 24, 2012

F.A.O Judge Wilson Portsmouth.

Dear Sir,

I am so sorry to bother you but throughout my case regarding my daughter Lexie Majury, you are the only person that seems to be realistic.
I am at my wits end & so frustrated!

I would like to know why it is allowed as a single mother to be given £2.50 per week increased to £5.00 per week (although i have never received a penny) at the start but by putting up a fight & appealing the CSA have now awarded me £45 per wk. (which isn’t being paid) I have never stopped contact Mark has let the side down but he generally sees Lexie twice a week.

I gave up my home for this man, I helped him set up his businesss but he is shrewd it was all sorted so it was only his. Me like a fool trusted him.

I suffered domestic violence for 8 years from my ex partner Read more

How do you calculate maintenance based on overnight stays?

June 23, 2012

How do you calculate maintenence for one child who i see one night a week and then another who i don’t see and lives in Australia?

Do you you work it out completely separately?

Also if you find out you have a child 10 years after birth are you supposed to make back payments?

Child has left school but CSA insist I still have to pay

June 23, 2012

I have 2 sons one of which left School last July, and I have a letter from the school to prove this. I have written to the CSA, Benifits Fraud office and my local MP and still nothing has been done all the CSA do is tell me that if my EX is claiming beifits for my son then I have to pay. What a rediculous system no wonder this country is such a mess… if anyone can help me as to what to do next that would be great.


CSA lied about when my arrears would be cleared

June 23, 2012

It’s along story but i’ll just give the relevant details.

It all started about 3 years ago. The first time i knew anything about the CSA was when i received a letter saying an attachment of earnings order against me. It said that they would take anything over £800.00 that i earned every month. At one stage they were stealing £900.00 a month.

I got in contact with my MP and my case was referred to the CSA falkirk office. They phoned me and told me that they had calculated that i owed £2400.00 and this would have to be paid over a year, so i was required to pay £200.00 arrears plus £150.00 every month, bearing in mind this is for 1 child who i used to give anything he wanted, and just because his mother Read more

Ex is working but not paying the CSA

June 23, 2012

This is my second time applying to the csa as my ex partner has again stopped maintenance. I’m now 4 weeks in arrears and i know he’s currently working.

I have a 7 year old with my ex scott mcmillan. For the first 5 years or so of my daughter’s life i hadn’t recieved a penny from my ex. So i had no choice but contact the csa but then he decided to pack in his job so he didnt have to pay maintenance.

I went to a lawyer and arranged an agreement of access and maintenance from nov 2011, I was then starting to receive maintenace on a weekly basis but sometimes he would hold back just to spite me and im fed up with it.

I know he’s working loads of hours and is full time but im not in reciept of any maintenance. It will be 5 weeks come friday. I have details of where hes workin, d.o.b. etc. i look forward to hearing from you to discuss the matter further.

Thanks vicki marshall

Do I have a right to know who I am speaking to at the CSA?

June 22, 2012

I am a nrp and im having problems dealing with the csa, everytime i talk to someone and I ask who I am talking to, I get sorry Im not willing to give you my full name.

My question is this do i have a legal right to know who I am talking to so I can use it if i have to go to court.

I have always stopped talking to that person when they refuse and I am getting nowhere with sorting out arrears of there making.

Ex quit his job when CSA told him to pay up

June 22, 2012

Hi, I made my first claim with the Csa 6 years ago again I have not got anywhere! I must admit I’m quite annoyed as I gave them all the info etc and every time they told him to pay up he quit his job.

Now on of for 5yrs! It’s rudiculous! The Csa day they can take the money direct form his earnings but then why didn’t they do it when my ex had a job!? Now every time I mention anything about paying for his 2 girls he just kicks off saying he’s skint! Ain’t we all!! He’s been working for 8 maybe 9 months now n Csa have done nothing, they have never even Read more

Son has been working full time, can I claim back CSA payments?

June 22, 2012

I have just found out my son who is 20 in November, has been in full time employment. We have made contact after 10 years. During that time I never new where he lived they moved away years ago.

I have during that time paid maintenance to my ex wife through the courts. He has been in full time work for 18 months, and pays board to his mother and step father who both work full time.

Can I claim back those payments, I wish to give the money to my son if that is possible. It appears his relationship with his step father has always been strained.

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