Ex is working but not paying the CSA

June 23, 2012

This is my second time applying to the csa as my ex partner has again stopped maintenance. I’m now 4 weeks in arrears and i know he’s currently working.

I have a 7 year old with my ex scott mcmillan. For the first 5 years or so of my daughter’s life i hadn’t recieved a penny from my ex. So i had no choice but contact the csa but then he decided to pack in his job so he didnt have to pay maintenance.

I went to a lawyer and arranged an agreement of access and maintenance from nov 2011, I was then starting to receive maintenace on a weekly basis but sometimes he would hold back just to spite me and im fed up with it.

I know he’s working loads of hours and is full time but im not in reciept of any maintenance. It will be 5 weeks come friday. I have details of where hes workin, d.o.b. etc. i look forward to hearing from you to discuss the matter further.

Thanks vicki marshall


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  1. Zux on September 25th, 2012 7:17 am

    you are playing a dirty game with your ex and now by publishing his name on this website you could get prosecuted, good luck with this

  2. Alice on September 25th, 2012 10:02 pm

    if you ex partner is working then the csa can put an assessment in place and they can collect your maintenance for you.
    you say that this is the 2nd time you have opened the case – does that mean what in 2011 you closed your case as you had come to a private agreement? When he stopped paying on this agreement did you contact the csa straight away and re-open the case? If you did then did you supply the name of his employer at the time? If you have re-opened your case and not supplied the employers details then contact the csa tomorrow and given them that information, it will speed things up as it will avoid them having to trace his employer via hmrc. If you have not contacted the csa after your ex stopped paying you then you need to contact them asap to have the case re-opened.
    if the original case was not closed but the method of collection was simply changed to maintenance direct (where you have an open case but the NRP pays the PWC directly and not through the agency) contact them with his current employer details and ask for the MOC to be changed to agency collection. Either way the CSA have no legal rights to pursue your ex for this missed payments when the case was closed or MD.

    it might also be an idea not to publish his name or other personal details on internet websites as this is not data protection friendly and could land you in trouble

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