Ex quit his job when CSA told him to pay up

June 22, 2012

Hi, I made my first claim with the Csa 6 years ago again I have not got anywhere! I must admit I’m quite annoyed as I gave them all the info etc and every time they told him to pay up he quit his job.

Now on of for 5yrs! It’s rudiculous! The Csa day they can take the money direct form his earnings but then why didn’t they do it when my ex had a job!? Now every time I mention anything about paying for his 2 girls he just kicks off saying he’s skint! Ain’t we all!! He’s been working for 8 maybe 9 months now n Csa have done nothing, they have never even rung me back despite saying they will in every phone call.

Also every time I tell them to step it up they say if they do I will lose the arrears payments he ows me? I’m not so sure if this is true but if it is then I must surly be entitled to nothing as I only rung up last week and I feel my daughters are missing out as the money is technically theirs as its for them.

Can you help please as Csa don’t seem to be doing anything?