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Boyfriend fathered child with another woman, does he have to pay CSA?

My douche bag (!) of a boyfriend had an affair with another woman who stopped taking the pill (although he was not aware of this) and has, like she planned, fallen pregnant.

She won’t get an abortion, he wants no involvement with it (at the moment), where does he stand in terms of paying her support?

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  1. The CSA are going to be involved in your boyfriends life till the child turns 19 years old,20 years if CS laws change.It does not matter if he wants to be part of his child’s life or not.If he can come to a private agreement payment with her then he needs to pay her via a bank statement so everything is registered and he can prove he has paid her.You have to decide if you can cope with a child that is not his and his money paying towards a child you did not want.Even though he did not know she had stopped the pill he should not have slept with her without himself having protection(50/50 mistake on both sides here not just her fault).Unfortunatly he will have to pay unless he becomes a absent pather who does not / will not pay for this child.

  2. If your ‘boyfriend’ , the father, doesn’t pay for HIS child, who should?
    The unemployed?
    The money for benefits doesn’t grow on trees!

    I have just bought a pet dog.
    How should pay for its upkeep?

  3. Aaiimmeess,

    Yes, if the child’s mother applies to the agency and your BF either; a) Agree’s to being the father OR b) Takes a DNA test that proves him the father (there will be costs involved if he is), he will be liable to pay for the child.

    You may find this link useful

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  4. sadly for him….hes fucked…if she files a claim with these monsters they will persue him for this mishap…the csa see it as just another notch on their bedpost…”hey…heres another sad sap we netted for yrs of misery of over inflated and unfair payments to the treasury”…he will regret his idiotic time with this girl…cause now he will pay…no good knews sorry…hes well and trully screwed…the mother of his child will just see it as another source of income..maybe thats why she didnt get an abortion? its a harsh thing to say but sadly there are women out there that just see kids as cash cows…good luck

  5. Number 1 you are still with him after he cheated on you? Secondly you have plenty to say about this lady accusing her of planning it. At the end of the end of the day the one who definitely knew he was in the wrong was your boyfriend. If he didn’t want to create a life he should of either worn a condom or kept it his pants? He has a joint responsibility whether he or you like it. He made the choice he has to grow up and deal with it. Regardless of whether she was on the pill or not what about std’s he clearly could of given you. The child the innocent who deserved both parents to provide and care.

  6. You may of course be in luck. The douche of a boyfriend whom you still burden yourself with, may not be wanted by the woman he slept with. She may just have picked up that he is a douche and being decidedly more intelligent than you, wants nothing to do with him either. Not all women who get pregnant want or need a man to pay. Also, whatever gave you the idea that a baby is a good option for a meal ticket and the person who judgementally suggests that the state will have to pay, some women theses days, are able to pay their own way.

    Too many assumptions and judgements on this. My advice is to stop worrying, tell your idiot boyfriend (personally to do one) to speak to the woman and ask if he can contribute. If they do not come to an agreement, tuff luck. You will just have to wait and see what kind of woman she is. Oh and for the record, she may have told him she wanted a baby and he may have made promises to leave you for her. He may have played happy father to be for a while and then, like so many idiots out there, decided that daddy hood wasn’t for him.

    Just a thought.

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