Ex’s new husband put his name on my daughter’s birth cirtificate

May 29, 2012

My daughter was born in 1997, by this point i had already been cut out of hers and her mothers lives by an over-controlling family. Yes i made some mistakes too, i was young and stupid! I was never allowed on the birth certificate, the ‘fathers name’ was left blank and despite pleading with my daughters mother i was never allowed to see her.

Four years later my ex married and along with her new husband they lied on the official forms and had his name put on my daughters birth certificate (a move that can now never be undone) and by doing so changed her surname to his.

They subsequently divorced and shortly after i received a letter from the CSA telling me i had to pay maintenance. Now, i wouldn’t deny my child anything but this incensed me. The CSA didn’t know me from Joe Bloggs yet they came straight to me on the say-so Read more

Ex husband refuses to pay the CSA

May 28, 2012

My ex husband refuses to pay any maintenance throught the child support agency for our 2 children. Every time the child support agency catch up with him he changes jobs so he doesnt have to pay and the whole thing starts all over again. My ex has only ever made 8 or 9 payments in the 11 years that we’ve divorced. He owes over £8,000 arrears through the CSA, has 2 court orders and still nothing is done to make him pay maintenace. I feel like i’ve been let down by the CSA as when i call them i always get told its with the baliffs, its back from the baliffs, it back with the baliffs. When will they get their finger out and start taking the action towards him that they tell me they can enforce!! What else can i do to ensure that he pays?

CSA said they will always make our payments go up

May 28, 2012

My husband has been paying csa since 1997 to his ex who would always go out every weekend and drink with the money she got from him for his daughter.

She would always come to us with headlice and dirty clothes and said mummy was allways busy with her new boyfriend (a different guy each week i will add) My husband and i always got her new clothes did her hair every other weekend. When my husband lost his job she was quick on the phone to tell him she needed the money to go on a course and he should look Read more

CSA paid money to one ex, I had to pay the other ex direct

May 28, 2012

I was paying the CSA.For my 2 daughters.with 2 ex partners.When i changed job.i informed CSA.who said they would send out forms.This was done and i had arrears of £300 odd which i paid.The CSA paid all of it to One Mother. So i Paid The other childs Mother direct.

Again this was explained to CSA.I have carried on paying her direct form my bank to her’s. I sent a letter to CSA explaining this and asking for them to sort out payments for my other child. About two weeks ago i got a letter saying how much should be paid each month,for both children. I rang them again and explained it is just the one child. As i pay for one direct to mother. Today i have got a letter saying I am in arrears for both children and they will do a deduction of earnings. The amount they are going to take will leave me with not a penny for food. I rang them and to be honest never got any joy from them.

While i realise i am in arrears for the one child.I feel it is unfair for them to take the huge amount from my wage. When this all started through a mistake on the part of CSA.I would be grateful for any advice

Can I get money from ex as he lives in London?

May 27, 2012

Me and my ex partner met 7 years ago. We start dating then we decide to have family.

Philip was born in 2009, hes the best baby ever but 2 months after betwen me and my partner something happend. I was taking care of the baby and he didnt show any intrest about money nappys, food for Philip we didnt live together cos my flat was to small i was living with my sister, we split.

He was taking Philip out twice a week Thursdays and sundays and paying to my account £150 a month then he wantb to see Philip only on sundays all togather pay me only for 4 months cos for him i had benefits for the baby so he dont need to give me any money at this time we lived in London but my life ther with the baby and part time job was just to hard i get transfer from work and togather with my son and baby moved to Coventry in April Read more

CSA’s service is absolutely disgraceful

May 27, 2012

This is a copy of the email sent to the csa, they service is absolutely disgraceful…

Your message reads: I am a single parent and have been on the csa register now for nearly a decade, my complaint today is about two things first of all the service that has been provided over the years to myself regarding payments and the kind of attitude I have had to deal with by agents employed by your company. I made a claim for maintanance some years ago from the absent parent in the family with whom by law is allowed no form of contact with myself and child due to the danger he has imposed during our relationship.

I have received next to nothing in payment over the years and been given every excuse under the sun, I have a log of every call I have made and the people I have spoken to there has Read more

CSA claims I have outstanding arrears from last 12 years

May 27, 2012

According to CSA I have outstanding arrears totalling some £12k over ths past 10 years.

I have asked for 10 times over the past 6 months for a detailed breakdown of how they come up with this amount and onky get copies of assessments which I have aleady got and challenged everytime I received one normally without reply – I transfered all of their figures into a spreadheet and put down things which thery have ommitted such as housing costs, travel to work, allowences such as a daughter from re-marriage and correct figures for the ages of my 4 children

Funny how I can come up with a £3.2k figure using their formulas against £12k they alledge I owe – take off the amounts which i have paid and they owe me although I doubt somehow if I will get a cheque in the post!

Still paying CSA arrears even though they are cleared

May 26, 2012

It all started back in the year 2009 when I made enquiries about my CSA Payments to my to daughters thay were now in there 20s and I wonderd why I was still paying?

I emailed them on loads of occasions got no reply. So I contacted my MP Ann Cryer and soon after was looked after by Falkirk CSA Who did an investigation and found that thay were payed up but I had some areas which were £1,587.78 so they on the 19th of November 2009 did a deduction from earnings order at £40 per week and all partys were happy.

However I am still paying and when I ring them to ask why thay say there is some thing wrong and have over payed how ever thay do not contact me and and just fob me of and do nothing so I may have to go to my MP again. I have rang them 4 times now and on the third time there phone was picked up and put down again.

I am shocked with there attitude thay are just there to fob you of Its criminal ! thay must owe people millions It needs the European Court of Human Rights to investigate them .

Ex has big house and a Merc yet doesn’t pay much at all

May 26, 2012

My ex refused to pay any csa for the first 3 years,he then after i took to a tribunal and won started paying me 173 a month,the amount should have been 75 a week. I have just received a letter from csa to say as my ex earns only 100 a week he is too pay me just 3.43 a week and the arrears he owes some 10,000 cannot be taken as he doesnt earn enough. My ex lives in a house worth over 600,000 pounds drives a merc, has some 3 holidays a year and he manages this as he takes dividends at the end of each year, its about time that this changed and was looked into as csa know this is happening but are powerless to do anything.

The problem is he is now as happy as anything as all he will do is put a low wage in every year to avoid the arrears whilst living the life of luxury whilst i struggle to make ends meet,then when my child goes to see his dad he throws money at him and holidays things i now cannot afford as i have always supported and put my child first.

Then on the other hand people that general to pay each month as soon as they try and change anything they’re hounded and threatened with attachments to earnings, the rich are just getting richer.

I have to pay ex even though I had custody for 9 years

May 26, 2012

I have two wonderful children and the father is a jerk.

I had sole custody for 9 years of their life, he just made things very bad for me and couldn’t deal with him any longer. He told the judge i was a escort. Things went down hill from there.

He had a job as a dept chief of the fire dpt, so he made good money. I was ordered to pay 1000 dollars a month to this …..I told the judge I didn’t even have a job, she didn’t care she said well find one then.

I found a job making 7 an hour. Well, to make a long story short, I now pay 1000 a month for two years. I just lost it last Thursday, I owe over 20,000 in arrears how can I get this man to understand I don’t have any money?

He tells my kids I left them for a man, just horrible things to them. I am married to a wonderful man in the military now but worried that he might come after him for my arrears… can that happen?

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