Still paying CSA arrears even though they are cleared

May 26, 2012

It all started back in the year 2009 when I made enquiries about my CSA Payments to my to daughters thay were now in there 20s and I wonderd why I was still paying?

I emailed them on loads of occasions got no reply. So I contacted my MP Ann Cryer and soon after was looked after by Falkirk CSA Who did an investigation and found that thay were payed up but I had some areas which were £1,587.78 so they on the 19th of November 2009 did a deduction from earnings order at £40 per week and all partys were happy.

However I am still paying and when I ring them to ask why thay say there is some thing wrong and have over payed how ever thay do not contact me and and just fob me of and do nothing so I may have to go to my MP again. I have rang them 4 times now and on the third time there phone was picked up and put down again.

I am shocked with there attitude thay are just there to fob you of Its criminal ! thay must owe people millions It needs the European Court of Human Rights to investigate them .


  • Carol says:

    You are right, why are they still taking money?!

    If this Agency was run properly there would not be these problems. From an outsider looking in point of view, you wonder how they get it so wrong on so many stright forward things.

    Definitely get your MP involved and hopefully this will be resolved for you soon. Next fight you have will be getting a refund of overpaid maintenance!

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