CSA said they will always make our payments go up

May 28, 2012

My husband has been paying csa since 1997 to his ex who would always go out every weekend and drink with the money she got from him for his daughter.

She would always come to us with headlice and dirty clothes and said mummy was allways busy with her new boyfriend (a different guy each week i will add) My husband and i always got her new clothes did her hair every other weekend. When my husband lost his job she was quick on the phone to tell him she needed the money to go on a course and he should look after them both even as she has been married twice since then and had another 3 children with each having a different dad (who all pay her csa).

When she had her lastest boyfriend she stopped all contact and yes we had to pay thousands in court costs on top of csa of £198 a month. When ringing csa 15 yrs later to ask why it had yet again gone up even tho my husbands pay was down the answer from them was you have a child pay for them we dont care if your money has gone down we will allways make it go up.

After endless phone calls and letters we have had no information since last year on the matter and YES YET AGAIN IT WENT UP. THANKYOU CSA.


  • WEndy says:

    I have also been in this situation, 20 years I have been waiting on some form of CSA and to date haven’t received 1p, now they will not be interest as my son is of an older age, the CSA wrote to me advising they were claiming back money and I was to received this another lie yet again, empty promises I have been given for years and never received anything, on phoning you are treated appauling by the staff who have no manners and no clue most of the time, the CSA is a disgrace, however, I have a partner with 2 sons and he has to pay through the nose for them leaving me and my partner unable to move house for the money they take, it’s a disgrace they should have a look at themselves and do things fairly as it’s not fair, I have waited 20 years for money and got none, my fiance is now paying in excess of £500 a month, we get them every weekend to stay over mostly, buy clothes feed them etc etc and he still has to pay that, you ought to hang your heads in shame

  • jay. says:

    You need to see your mp asap, take all your paperwork with you and complain with how the staff treat you. If your wages have gone down csa should reflect this, are you on cs1? If you are you need to ask for a variation form and put down everything….don’t ever speak with them on the phone, not one of them knows what they are doing, and its costing you money….email or send letters recorded. Don’t let them fob you off….I’m like the lady above, never had any money from my ex via csa, but am married to an nrp and csa are bastards to him because he’s on a paye system, they said he phoned him, which they didn’t and sent letters, which they haven’t and put him as non compliant, so set a deo up and took over £600.00 without warning….we’ve had to have the pwc for child benefit fraud the lot, and csa don’t give a shit….our case is a nightmare, we are now waiting on the chief executive of the CSA to get back to us, because their mistakes ate endless…many nrps have taken their own lives with their incompetence, which in my book is murder. Good luck with your case, its a long road.

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