CSA paid money to one ex, I had to pay the other ex direct

May 28, 2012

I was paying the CSA.For my 2 daughters.with 2 ex partners.When i changed job.i informed CSA.who said they would send out forms.This was done and i had arrears of £300 odd which i paid.The CSA paid all of it to One Mother. So i Paid The other childs Mother direct.

Again this was explained to CSA.I have carried on paying her direct form my bank to her’s. I sent a letter to CSA explaining this and asking for them to sort out payments for my other child. About two weeks ago i got a letter saying how much should be paid each month,for both children. I rang them again and explained it is just the one child. As i pay for one direct to mother. Today i have got a letter saying I am in arrears for both children and they will do a deduction of earnings. The amount they are going to take will leave me with not a penny for food. I rang them and to be honest never got any joy from them.

While i realise i am in arrears for the one child.I feel it is unfair for them to take the huge amount from my wage. When this all started through a mistake on the part of CSA.I would be grateful for any advice