Can I get money from ex as he lives in London?

May 27, 2012

Me and my ex partner met 7 years ago. We start dating then we decide to have family.

Philip was born in 2009, hes the best baby ever but 2 months after betwen me and my partner something happend. I was taking care of the baby and he didnt show any intrest about money nappys, food for Philip we didnt live together cos my flat was to small i was living with my sister, we split.

He was taking Philip out twice a week Thursdays and sundays and paying to my account £150 a month then he wantb to see Philip only on sundays all togather pay me only for 4 months cos for him i had benefits for the baby so he dont need to give me any money at this time we lived in London but my life ther with the baby and part time job was just to hard i get transfer from work and togather with my son and baby moved to Coventry in April 2011 for my ex partner was ok to travel one a week on Sundays to spent some time with his son stoped paying me full amount of the money just every week give me £20 or £30 when i sow Philip with him i thought that he has change and in September 2012 we start again i felt pregnant he was jobles and moved to Coventry to live with us then problem starts thanks to my family i helpd him with job but he was simply lazy spent less time with Philip not Give me any money for bils food in 2.5 years of Philips life he didnt bot one pack of milk, nappys, toys, cloths for him thats sad all financial problems was on my head i felt like i have 2 babys not one at home.

I ask him to move out that was to much i was working part time with one baby and second on the way food to bay nappys clothes for newborn he didnt help me with spending’s he go back to london i know that his not working at the moment getting benefits. Philip was seeing him every 3 or 5 weeks cos patrol was to expensive pay me twice £120 i give birth to baby girl on 16 May 2012 he come on Sunday to see the baby and Philip spent here 1.5 h and left didnt hold the baby or play with Philip.

I learnt on my mistake he needs to take some respectability as well Im polish 27 years old Living in the UK from September 2004 My ex partner is Kurdish with British passport i Think from 3 or 4 years thank u for any help or advice.


  • Alice says:

    It doesnt matter where you live in the UK for you to claim maintenance.If your ex is claiming benfits then all you will be able to claim is £5.00 per week which will be taken direct fom his income support/JSA.If you have a legal status here then while you are working ,you should be able to claim child benefit,child tax credits,working credits and help with your rent and council tax.Sorry I cant help you more.Others might have more info for you when this read this post.

  • Carol says:

    The key to it I think would be if you are claiming child benefit in the UK as Alice has mentioned, you should be able to claim maintenance.

    Although he is on benefits at the moment the CSA should deduct £5 every two weeks from his benefits.

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